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What do you mean.

Website in a Navigation Bar

Is it just a website NAV bar ?

Hi SportTipsWorld, it is ironic, may contain the entire contents of a site because of its structure :-)

Why no real live preview ?

thanks adam

Sorry i mean, why not an actual example … it is so much easier to come up with ideas how / where to use things when i can click, try, see rather than watch a video.

Had you tried ....

oh excuse me so much! I misunderstood…
I noticed that all codecanyon users use video preview instead live preview, and i do the same thing… i hope it is good a idea anyway.

I have seen an increase in it use, but thankfully it is still the minority.

Out of about 40-45 purchases on code canyon i have never bought one with a screenr preview, on the grounds if it is so complicated that a example cant be worked out how are my visitors going to work it out.

Any way just suggesting,


Nope you got me there.

- valid html and css - tested for major browsers - 4 different colors - no JavaScript or jQuery

Thats the entirety of your description… so what are we to think ? or is a game of Irony v’s Crypticism. ?

it’s just a menu… ok? :-)

How will this menu react if a user with – lets say – IE7 (beware!) comes along?

Thanks for the fast reply! I´m well aware that the view will be different. What´s important for me is: Will navigation still work somehow? Not that I expect that you tested that, but maybe you did anyway and can tell me something about it – unfortunately I can´t drop customers with IE7 yet. Tanti saluti, vicino! ;-)

The menu on IE7 still works (this is obvious), clearly you will not see rounded corners, or the linear effect in the background, but the drop down effect works 100% :-)

Thank you and good luck with sales! :-)

Very nice design Angelo :)

thanks :-)

Is there an easy way to use this in Wordpress or say Joomla?
Or am I forced to code this myself?

Thanks, Bernhard

you should force the code :-)

Hi, I bought it, works great in safari, firefox and chrome,

but It doesn’t work on iphone or ipad

it does nothing.

How can i make it work on iphone, ipad?


It does not work because there is no JavaScript, the hover effect on a touchscrren does not work…
It works on all browsers of a normal PC or MAC

I wish it worked on an iDevice but apart from that it is really good.

If it doesn’t work on iphones / ipads, is there a built-in ‘fall back’ to provide some sort of basic menu navigation for visitors on these devices?

thank you

Is there a way to work on IE7 ?

24 days and no answer. :(

Can you provide a HTML demo?

Hi, I like it, Can you do customize for me, i need to add a (search button and Post Ad), i’m willing to pay extra for customization work.

Looking forward to your reply.

Is there a wordpress version?

Hi. Nice job. CAn i select TOP or Bottom position for your menu ?

the drop menu is getting cover by the banner slide 9non flash) how can i maje the menu stay on top?

Hello, wanted to know why not appear right edges rounded in Class = category. Thanks for your time

Hello, I’ve got a bit of a problem. I added an extra category tab and removed one of the folio tabs. The new category tab isn’t using the background category image. I’m assuming I will need to increase the length of the bg_category.png image to 600px. Do you have the source file for that image as it wasn’t included in the download.

I would also like to have different width tabs to fit around the tab text rather being set at 100px. The tabs don’t look right. How would I go about doing that?



i can give you png (open layers), download it here

Ok, thanks. Will I be able to edit that image? Just one other thing. When the menus drop down from the tabs images in the web page show through the drop down menu. Is there anyway of fixing that? thanks

Hi, to edit image u can use adobe photoshop or adobe fireworks, to fix image in background, please add a z-index: 9999 to the menu container, thanks