jordie does not currently provide support for this item.

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I have the script installed everything went as planned, but for the life of me Facebook settings don’t save, it shows that they were saved, but they dont since each time i click save and try to add a page it says I haven’t setup face book whats the issue

Sent a ticket days ago also, whats the issue

Take it the author is mia again, avoid script till he gets back it is broken and doesn’t work properly atm

Is Jordie still around? I want to buy this script but afraid to move forward without future development/support. I have tried contacting Jordie the past couple days with no luck. It looks like he was around a couple months ago briefly but hasn’t been back according to comments. Can anyone tell me …. IS there another script very similar to this one anywhere??? This really stinks because this is exactly what I am looking for.

Adding a reply to say yes I’m around to other customers and that this issue is being dealt with via my support system.

yes … everything is going great so far …. thank you

This script works very nicely, but if the album on FB have more than 100 photographs, this script imports the first 100 photos. Is it possible to change this so that script import entire albums from FB with more than 100 photos?

When we will get that update?

Update was approved a while ago, you should have got an email from CodeCanyon?

No, I did not get email from CodeCanyon. I can now only download old version that imports the first 100 photos from FB albums. How can I get a new version that does not have this limitation?

Is the new update for downloading facebook pics in high quality and pagination released?

Im interested to buy this script BUT can I add the galleries/sliders to any html template? Thanks

Hi. I’m still waiting for support with this script. I can no longer access any of my Facebook page albums. I have been waiting since February for support on this issue. Jordie, can you please respond?!

“Great support. I’m with you 100% of the way. I will help you to make sure you can get Website Gallery running on your website.”

your script doesn’t work for Chrome now.. will you fix it?

Don’t buy if you plan to use it for WordPress. First time in 2 years that a download from envato caused my site to crash. WordPress 3.9 upwards is not supported. Workaround did not work. I will try and get my money back.

Does it supports option of Paging for fb feeds and downloading images in HQ?


Are you still supporting this great script?

Thanks Gary

I see the last support was 1 year ago…..? is not secure to buy your script…

hi, the demo not working .

DO NOT BUT THIS _ I take it as your not supporting this anymore!

Yeap seems I am right…

Live Preview not working….