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The demo is so very painfully slow … 3 minuets and still nothing … 5 mins and still nothing … Done

A couple of questions :

Are you planning to add other features or is it going to be more a link checkup tool ?

Does this also check in the <head> tags for broken style sheets / scripts ?

Thanks for the purchase !! Yea, it depends more on bandwidth rather than cpu resources – So better bandwidth means better speed.

Also can you point me out the link site link which showed google, wot etc to be wrong ?

I have emailed you the site i checked and what came up bad.

Thanks… :-)

I tested this on a site devscripts.net and it kinda got all messed up, for one it was reporting broken links, when in fact they were fine – and sites that were linked to, then started getting analyzed which I don’t think is right.

It reports links as invalid, but they look OK to me. [Invalid Domain/Link] http://jp.akachanwear.com


By the looks it seems like that, but when you try looking it underneath, the server is telling that the page is forbidden (403 Forbidden).

The description itself says that The fact that you are seeing this page indicates that the website you just visited is either experiencing problems, or is undergoing routine maintenance.

Hope that solves the mystery.. :)

Ahh right OK that makes more sense, I forgot I blocked all Indian traffic on that site, so it would appear (to you and your server) that the site is unavailable! Thanks for clearing that up – appreciated

You mentioned Page Speed, do you mean integration with the Google Page Speed API , or something else that would let the tool know that a page loaded to a DOM ready state?

I’m probably going to purchase this since it would be a great starting point for something I’m doing .. I’m just curious what direction you were planning as far as actual performance metrics go.

No, its a stand alone tool and doesn’t use any API . Page speed mentioned here is actually the Total page load time – Though it can be broken down to 2-3 more detailed components as per the requirement like Connect Time, Name Lookup Time, Pretransfer Time (All basically cURL components)

I h’d a plan to cover most of the performance metrics, not in detail though, but just to give the user an idea of which is low & which is high. This tool would basically be covering the following

  • Page performance – Speed test
  • Content Reliability – Link Validation
  • Tracking Redirecting Links
  • Image/CSS/JS Validation [In progress..]
  • Dom Metrics – DOM elements per page [In progress..]
I have taken the metrics mostly from here, though I have not covered all http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html

Your script is promising, however it looks like ther is a problem with sites that redirect from the home page to subdirectores (e.g. language versions). Some (or all) links are referenced from the root and therefor broken, while in reality the links should be referenced from the subdirectory. I can provide you a test url, but I don’t want to post it here.

Thanks – You can PM me. Yeah, its a lil bit unpredicted behavior, I’m working on it – Thanks again for the feedback :)

Fix updated, give it a try now !!!

NetHawk is right. I have seen it also. There is a problem with sites that redirect from the home page to subdirectores. Please fix it.

Fix is on its way…..

Fix available for download – Do check it.

I’m getting results, but when I click any of the ‘+Details’ links; I’m getting a 403 (Forbidden Access) error page.

Apache pHp5.3

Any Idea Why?


Can you PM me the link of +Details ?

The demo is not working.

Demo is up now, my apologies for the delay & trouble.