Website Diagnosis - Complete website checkup tool

Website Diagnosis - Complete website checkup tool

Website Diagnosis is a cool tool for detecting broken & invalid links through out your website. Complete website check for broken or invalid links. It also has the ability to detect Link Redirects & track the Redirected URL and also capable of Parked Domain detection.

Using this tool, you can easily track down invalid/broken links, page redirects, parked domains anywhere in your complete website.


  • Complete website check for broken links
  • Keep a track on the DOM Performance in each page. Its a performance best practice to have the count as much low as possible. This tool highlights pages DOM Performance in a very intuitive manner so that you don’t go around counting in each page  :)
  • Detect links which redirect to other pages
    Many times we face with such problems of updating all the redirecting links. This feature helps out a lot in such cases by listing down the list of all the redirect links in your complete website.
  • Detect Parked Domains [Beta]
  • Get a detailed summary of each link – Trace down the source of Broken links in just seconds

Change Log

Version 1.3 – 21 May 12
  • New Feature – DOM Analysis
    This enables the detection of DOM elements in a page – The lesser the DOM elements the better the performance.
Version 1.2 – 14 May 12
  • Bug fix – Added nesting to subfolders when parent url redirects
  • Enhancement – Ability to parse & follow ../ links
Version 1.1 – 08 May 12
  • New Feature – Page speed analysis
  • Bug fix – Removes 404 error for pages which require Referrer to be set & increased the depth of redirection from 2 to 4

Upcoming Features

  • Detection for JS & CSS broken links
  • Detection for Broken or invalid image links

[Note] The demo link provided here might be slow since its being hosted on my own machine, low bandwidth actually!

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