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If I buy this would you be able to help me customize it so that the url input would work whether or not the user typed http:// or just the domain on the input form. You’d be amazed at how many people will not know they have to write http:// in front of their domain.

Sorry, but i wont be able to help you because you need to put the full url.

There is problem with design, when I opened your LiveDemo and putted my address in Safari, I see your text is not in the center, it’s somewhere in the right side. Please take a look. Also I did not see any counter in secs.

P.S. Is there any option to start preloading site before it’s has actually showed? I’m pretty sure there is option in Chrome/Safari where you can prefetch data (only for one domain at the time) and show it faster than usual to user. Good idea!

@idevjus I can customize it for you.

Be sure you have a license copy of the system (buy it first) before customizing it for others and please respect the license policy.

Thank you.

So, it’s another clone like anonym.to & anonym.ninja & the hidemyass anonymous referrer, am I right?

if we buy this can you customize it as per our need

why use it ? what are the benefits to use it ?

i went buy this script but it can’t handle “&” output

please fix this quickly and add Script support..

what do you mean? it cannot handle ‘&’ ? the script works well with urls that contains parameters.


it is possible to change instead of sending a blank reference send facebook etc? thank you

nope, not possible for now.

it is possible to send the referrer for another page and this page capture reffer the shortener? like a referrer facebook

nope, not possible for now.

why i get this on the demo ? http://prntscr.com/9vvoaz it is a virus?

nope its not a virus, its a false positive detection.

How to reduce or increase the time redirection

you can modify the time of redirection in functions.php but for method0 and method1 functions only.

Demo is not working friend…. I am interested in buying it, but first I want to see it online

where is the demo?

Sorry but my site is currently down so the demo is not available.

congratulation!!! GLWS


demo is not working

also can you explain how to increase the time of redirection page

demo please?