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The default password in documentation is not working

i sent.check your email

Why I can’t receive your emails? give me your skype ID or Team viewer ID

How would use this tool to scrape PDF documents via keyword and be able to download in CSV

it is only scrape html files

why not store to csv? if u add this ill buy

if i add store csv then price increasing

please send password for me too,

password already tells in document attached

if you want contact to me then my skype id is otgoohsum

ok. when ask prompt window appear then nothing to write just click start button

Nice product =)


Hello there i like your crawler i think its maybe something i am looking for. But it would be really helpful if you can answer the following questions.

1. Lets say there are 2 sites. Site A is not mine but site B is.

2. Can this crawler harvest the images + description data from “Site A” lets say they have buy and sell ads. Can that data be harvested from Site A and bring this back to Site B and insert it.

3. Can it take urls of the Site A ads that it harvested so it can check those ads later and if any of the ad is removed on Site A it also removes the ad from Site B which is mine to keep the data fresh?

I also have a developer (who is currently working on other bits of my work) can he further built this bot by adding removing features from it to suit our needs ?