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This doesn’t work. I open the program and whenever I try to compress something, the program just freezes and shuts down :( .

I have Win 7 btw.

I’m sorry about this.

Do you get any error. Do you have the .net 4.0 framework?


I’m sorry. Apparently I didn’t have the .net 4.0 framework installed. It works now :D! It does what it says. So far I’ve compressed some .js files and one stylesheet (css). The .js were compressed perfectly. The compressed css file however messed up my layout (wordpress theme) in a big way.

Does this perhaps have something to do with the fact that it is a wordpress theme instead of a normal layout?

I just tried to compress the twentyten css file, and it worked fine. Could you post the file so I can find the problem and fix it?


Compressed version:

I hope this suffices?


I’ve just taken a look at the compressed file itself… and there is actually nothing other than the theme credits.

I see what the problem is, I will fix this as soon as possible ;)

I have fixed the problem, and the new version is in qeue for review ;)

Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to try it out. I mainly work with Wordpress sites and this certainly beats the whole lot of ‘minifiy’ plugins out there.

Once I’ve also tested out the CSS , I’ll also post a rating, awesome support ;)!

You should also set this up to take out comments, which also takes some space. All my projects I have a development version and a production version (everything compressed & no comments).

This would make the job of making the production version easier, I plan on getting it. – In my bookmarks

I don’t realy understand what you mean. Could you please specify your idea some more?

Thank you.

Make the program also allow a option where it will remove all comments with-in the file(s)

such as: /* * This is a comment * used in php */ <!-- This is another comment, in html --> // this is a php comment.

The program already removes the comments.

Or do you mean an option that only removes the comments?

I agree with CwTechies i will buy this if the script successfully removed comments as it would really be of benefit.

Without it not much interest for me

I will look into this. But for the moment I am on holliday and I don’t have the source here. But I will change this as soon as I come home.

Excellent idea user CwTechies!

Keep on working on this program. It is definitely one hell of a nice way to make faster loading websites!

Thank you verry much, I am already working on making some new features.

hello, is it able to make the site compress all the file but not change the original file and output in a new directory. without breaking the code. Is the application include source code. so that i can customize by my own way.

The source code is not included. But yes the output is saved in another folder.

A second after I click compress, it crashes. I have .net 4 and running windows 7 64-bit..

I have the same setup, and it works fine.

Did you try to compress a folder to the same folder? That’s the only way I got the program to crash.

Hi, No it was from a folder in dropbox to the desktop, I have reinstalled .net with no avail. Is there any chance I can add you on skype or something to try and solve this? My skype is ash.powell1 I would appreciate it if you could, thanks :)

hell love the product one thing i would like to see is to hove .php comments remove also i notice that when you at @media only it places the “screen” and “and” together like so “screenand” no space in between would be nice if you can fixe problem.

Hey bro, this isn’t working for me. I tried to run as administrator, but nothing. When I try to compress entire folder, it gives me this error:

The program has stopped working.

When I try to compress only one file, it just shows Compress Started, and nothing happens. Could you please help me? I’m on Windows 7 64-bit with .net 4.0.

Hey bro, too bad that you didn’t respond to my comment, but I got a solution. For all you guys on Win7 that get the error “the program has stopped working” or something else, try this, it worked excellent for me:

1.Make sure you have .net framework 4.0 installed. 2.Put WebCompressor.exe somewhere, eg Desktop. Right click it and select Properties. Go to Compatibility tab, and where is says Run in compatibilty mode for:, you have to select Windows XP Service Pack 3.

I did this, and now it’s working good.

Sorry, I was looking for a solution myself. Thank you for posting this solution! :)

Is there a plan to add PHP files to list with the same logic, to remove comments + delete whitespaces/EOL (end of line) ?

If yes, it will be nice to have something which handle it batch. With editor it takes time even with macro :(