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Great addon! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks – would you mind giving us a review?

what kind of sms service can we use. Like twilio or something . . .

The SMS aggregators are already built into our solution. All you have to do is tell the system what phone number you want the conversation sent to if someone starts a chat.

So, you are selling a plugin that connects to your service, right? For now the sign up and use are free of extra charge, but how you can guaranteed that the services will free forever? I prefer hosting my own solution… but your idea looks really good. GLWS

Thanks. SYNCRO is pretty amazing for sales people. It allows you to chat with website visitors without being behind a computer. You are correct, we are selling a WP plugin for our service so you can just plug it in and you dont have to know any code. Then you must sign up at for a free account. Our software is free to install, but you pay when you receive a lead – $10.00 CAD up to a maximum of $50/mo. Sorry the whole solution cannot be hosted on one domain root. The core of the services must remain on our machines. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Also we are going to be implementing a credit system rather than a pay per lead version shortly. Stay tuned. You will be able to start chatting for as little as $5.

Question: Is this an add-on to an existing chat plug-in that will allow mobile response or is it the entire plug-in? I’ve got a Real Estate firm that wants a chat window on their website and they want notifications to be both email and text or through an app. How does this application work? Thanks!

Thanks for your question! This plugin ties into our web app at and aids in quickly and easily integrating SYNCRO into your Wordpress website. Notifications are sent via email as well as text message, so SYNCRO sounds like it would be a perfect match for your client. Please note that SYNCRO does not require Wordpress. Check out for more information.

I think this is pretty misleading. All of your literature on envato states free free free, then I pay 19 for the plugin and I can’t even use it without giving you my credit card. How do I even know your company is secure enough to handle the payments. No paypal options what so ever. Oh and if you don’t give them your credit card for this FREE membership or whatever they call it. Then you can’t use the plug in at all. Buyer Beware. Trust me read the FINE PRINT and make sure you go to their site before you buy. This plug in should be free if you are selling the service.

Honestly its been so long I had forgotten

why dont you give it another try – the service is free without a cc now.

sounds great, I will. I download it again and start over. Thanks for your continued support on this product.

I think the last straw for 5 person you are speaking to chat unlimited chat pledging $ 50 and for that price would be illogical it was not, buy the plugin that I thought for the first 10 dollars would have at least 100 or more interactions to have a significant gradual increase and with good reason pay the maximum price. This would apply to Big Business that maybe handle thousands of interacting month. but those with their small web that starts that are most thousands of people where that market is the top paid a month or two and then. I think there are things to fix and I think in this way many people will come out with desilucion for now not going to use plugin. thanks for all the verda. I consider it the best but not the most appropriate atte: wilmer of Colombia.

Wilmer – My offer is open to you as well. If you would like to try our service for free I would be happy to help you out. Just fire me your email and I will reach out to you and get you setup. Ryan

this is a tool for chat system ,this cant be as a whole system sale :so buyers be aware of y you buy this ? need to subscribe for monthly payment option with 50$ after buying this plugin , i don think this type of tools have place for codecanyon

Our WP plugin has helped many people install into their site without any programming knowledge. This tool is perfect for people who need a bit of help to avoid the programming stuff. We also have a MUSE plugin as well if you are using MUSE!