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@ refleta you have trouble with davek? is not from source code, eclipse have any trouble like this..

solution for davik: 1. remove your android slasspath cointainer ( android version) project – properties – javabuildpath – library – android version (remove)

2. project – clean

3. add again your android class path project – properties – javabuildpath – library – add library


Mail me your source code.

hello …. bought the code codecanyon-4132350-websiteandroidapps-with-admob and I’m having trouble generating the apk.

Of an error library ….. C:\Users\user\Desktop\Eclipse\sdk\tools\support\annotations.jar

Could you help me how to resolve this and remove the admob

Thanks !!

I am not satisfied with your support, I want my money back! How many days do I have to wait for you to help me

I paid for something that works and not having to ask you to do every time I need to change

Yes! It’s works. but if you don’t want then contact with envato to back money. Actually it is your problem to import it on IDE for development.It will happen for all android source code if you don’t know about android programming or use of eclipse .

Is it support html5 geolocation?

Hi pskkar. I like your App and want to buy it. but i have one Q. 1 – this is the source code of app? i want source code. 2 – my website has upload feature for my users but when i create an app with free online services , the upload button (Browse) not work on app (but work on default browsers of Mobiles and tablets) , I have to set permission for this app to can use files from memory? can you help me with yours?

thanks a lot

This link is not working.

this link is not working.

Hi . go again please. sign in with same user & pass “ponisha” and try to upload an image in Upload page in the app. if mobile let your app to choose files from memory cart , tell me. go to http://www.nimcat.net/

hi :) before i buy this script, i want to ask, this support file upload from camera and this support from SMS (Send Message) sms:12345 ?

I am not clear about your question ! Please, mail me with details.

Hi, i have download your source code and run export using eclipse. but i have error “Unfortunately (my app) has Stopped” error after splash screen..

How to fix that.. tq

Did you import it correctly ! Please, mail me i will send you more documentation.

hi i have got this error when try to export

Conversion to Dalvik format failed:Unable to execute dex:Multple dex files define Lcom/google/ads/Adrequest$Errorcode;

can you explain how to fix this thanks and i have question about new sdk for admob you use new sdk or old one im not familer with admob but i think you useing old sdk

hey im still waiying for the new file can you please send it to me at nomoreturn@hotmail.com please

OH! It’s need to update the Google Admob! Please, mail me your source code.

Hi, please can you create a .apk demo with my url, for i try before to buy it ? thank

Sure! Mail me please.

Hello! I plan to buy the application. I have a responsive site with registration system with the Login Facebook. This application enables you to log the social network? I used my hash key for a Webview I did, but when you try to login, I catch a blank screen. I solved this problem with a dialogue, but to redirect to the page, the login was not done. My question is whether this application I will have the same problem.

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

Pre-sale question:

Does this webviewer pause a (youtube) video, while pushing the back or home button? My current webview app, keeps on playing. So I am violating the YouTube and Google Play policy. Now I am searching for a webview app, which will pause the videoplayer.

I have red this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5946698/how-to-stop-youtube-video-playing-in-android-webview

I am not a developer. So I cannot do it myself. Can you help me out?

Before buy.

Does the project is of Android Eclipse?

Can I change the menu icons by icons in images? Is that I want to put an icon images.

i have got this error when try to export

Conversion to Dalvik format failed:Unable to execute dex:Multple dex files define Lcom/google/ads/Ad

Please, wait for few days. I am updating those files,

ok sir, i waiting you’r update

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dear sir

can you configuration push notification on onesignal.com ?