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Nice work! But you can/ should add some/ a lot more features!

Hopefully waiting for some cool updates

This item was submitted early because of the Material Design contest deadline. There will be a lot more added in the future updates.

Okay. Let me know when its updated with all the new features :)

How do we analyze other web sites? I don’t see any field to insert the web site’s domain name! I see only twitter site analyzed!!!

If you click the home tab you can analyze other websites from there.

when u come to the front page u see the link to twitter… whats the purpose of that? Hard to see where to analyse websites…. and yes more features would be nice….. nice work though

The purpose of Twitter being there is to show a website being analyzed. I have changed the item demo page url because it seems confusing for some.

Very good script, I will wait to see more features before purchasing. However awesome work!

thank you :)

Thumb up for using material design. GLWS

Thanks :)

What if it’s needed to store data extracted from sites in MySQL database?

The item doesn’t use a database or have a database system at the moment but may require one in the future. For now people who need to store the data will need to create their own database system.

no support? i am not getting this to work.

The requested URL /analyze was not found on this server.

and no .htaccess found for a rewrite rule, please assist! i am a paying customer.

I’m not sure why the .htaccess file isn’t included because I included it in the zip file. Create a file called .htaccess and paste the following code into the file and save: http://pastebin.com/hZfqvWz9

80, thank you, this solved my problems. great piece of work, i gave you a 5 star review!

Very Nice work. like your job:)

Hi, what about the Adsense? I like to put some Adds.