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demo down here too

Hi imtrobin, can you please try to close the envato frame at the top of the page and retry? You are able to access the login page, right?

can i create admin theme like smartUI or any by using your builder , or drag and drop option working ? you have all inbuilt supporting element for the same? also we just only want to expert as html5 responsible so is that all possible?

Hi reyaz,

You can basically create any website with WebRock, but we do not offer a base template for admin pages at the moment. You can add and remove any object in webrock with some PHP knowledge. Thank you for your interest!

Hi any idea when are you going to update this script? Would it be possible if you can add the following: 1) Linking between pages during the building process of the pages so that you don’t have to manually link and upload the blog pages; 2) Using mysql database to store the website pages; 3) Integrate Disqus commenting system. I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards

Hi fossing,

I am currently working on other non-envato related projects which require my full attention, but as soon as I am done with them I will start providing updates for WebRock. I will definitely put your requests on my features list. Thank you for your suggestion!

Thanks, please if you could help me set up my site. Currently I do my blogs manually – like doing and designing the webpage, copy paste to a particular folder in my server from my local drive, link the html files to my index page, etc etc. It’s very manually to me. I want to have it set that I could write articles, click to which folder in the system I want it save, then publish the blog, that’s it. Would you be available for a customization of the script like this?

Hey fossing,

To make a blog using WebRock you could:
  • First create a Blog Post template, which you will use to create posts.
  • Next, you would have to design a blog index page, then make it dynamic using a little PHP
  • Last you only edit the text of the blog posts using webrock.
Right now I’m not available for any kind of freelancing, but I will be available again in January, if that’s not too late.

Thank you for your interest!

Seems the demo site is down again, as well as the root website showing “Coming Soon”. :/ (11/3/16)

And it still isn’t loading, by the way. I’ve tried it in other browsers as well as on a completely different internet network…the entire site is offline.

There were some links in the description still using the old DNS. Thank you for letting me know. It should be alright now.

The homepage is under construction, that’s why it says coming soon. Have a nice day!

Yup, it’s back online now! Good work!

Is it possible to run this locally and generate html files etc from this? I would like to use this for creating articles for adobe dps

You will need to setup a simple server using LAMP or MAMP, point the server to your webrock folder and run it. As simple as that.

Hello again. just purchased this. is there any information how to set this up locally?

youtube video backgrounds. I can only get 1 background to actually play. I have a page that has a few youtube video backgrounds… but only 1 of them is playing.

any ideas? thank you.

The Owl Carousel is not moving to the next picture. Even after I export and download all pages. It is stuck on the first picture. But if I drag with mouse, the next picture is available

Any new updates I was looking at an extended license

Could I use this on the Porto HTML theme?

I don’t seem to be able to drag and drop components from the right hand pane onto the page, I can only click on them and they are added to the bottom of the page. (Win10 64bit Chrome)

running into major issues. Once I’ve started designing something and then save it… when I go back into the page to edit it… it becomes all jumbled. just text/code etc shows up. there is no formatting. any ideas?

Hi 10tonmedia,

Please set ADVANCED_DECODE to true in your config file.

which config file?

found it.

I have a site using Real Homes (, and am looking to create an additional property template (which are custom post types) from the one provided in the theme.

Will your plugin accommodate this?


ps While checking out your demo I got an unresponsive script:

“A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.


I’m using Firefox 50.1.0 on a mac.

Hi! Thank you for letting me know. Unfortunately WebRock is a standalone page builder and is not compatible with WordPress.

Thanks for the reply.

What files are actually needed for the page to run? If I want to just export the page, images, elements etc… without all of the extra “static images you used” is there a way to do this? or what do I need to keep file wise once I export everything?

There is also an issue with the Youtube background. Only 1 video will play on a page… is there a way to have multiple instances?

Thank you.

umm…demo page is nothing…what’s up?

Hi. I am very much considering purchasing Webrock. I do have a few questions. 1. Out of the box, will i be able to use this to allow my clients to build their own sites, and charge them for it? 2. Is there a list of your included blocks? I need social feeds.

Thanks. I really like what you have done here, I just hope it meets my needs for multiple site creation.

March 2017… Update :(

i can’t edit the page,when i log to the page but i don’t find the page builder setup,all i can find is a page of your work and when i tried to add some objects i couldn’t,any idea??

the slider not work, and many buttons of various components not allow set link.. do you think create a new version or a future update?

Can I use it for ASP.NET web applications? is it tied to PHP?

I have a problem with database

The builder doesn not work :( it doesn’t finf the pages