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Hi, Is this is a software to build bootstrap template? I got try to login as demo but i could not found the way to edit the template

Even include openloom it only got 2 header?

Actually how many module or element have? because when try the demo version it look no many element

All the elements you can see in the demo version are found in the final version, and vice-versa. There aren’t many elements because each and every piece of the objects is customizable.

A few questions before purchasing.

Demo download went to broken page; where can I find the demo?

Can I add this to just 1 domain or many?

With advent of the CMS; does this mean I need to install the CMS to each domain I am looking to use Webrock?

Can I export many site builds; not for resale just my own use on lead gen pages?

Does “Webrock come with Openloom? Am I reading that right, or is it the other way around?


I am have difficulty logging into Webrock on my server after the password changes. I have changed the username/password about 50 times. (no joke) I get the, “Oops wrong username/password”. Each time I save the inc.config.php file, I then upload to server and replace it… I then navigate to the page and try to login. I have flushed my DNS along with my purging my cache on my PC.

I am at a total loss as what to do at this point. I was able to get it to run on my desktop using localhost software for running PHP, APACHE, & SQL locally, but I cannot get it to run on my server. It is great that it is running locally, but I also need it to run on my server as well. This gives me the most versatility.


Nevermind.. Had a dev friend of mine look over it and needed the permission on the files and folders.. Got it to working.. Happy Days!

Yes, I do need to update my documentation to mention it might need permission on some servers. Glad you got it working. Enjoy!

I am a little lost with the licensing… if I have this application on my computer locally and and use it to design websites with it, do I need to purchase a different license for each time I use it to make a website?

If it is a different website for a different client, yes, you will need to purchase another standard license. Sorry for the inconvenience, that’s how the CodeCanyon license works: “It can be used to create a single end-product.”

I see… thank you for clarifying… excellent tool…


When adding an image or a video how do I make it to where it is not left justified each time?

Would I need to add it to a container and then make a single column to center an image?

Yes, plese use the Bootstrap grid to position images wherever you like. Thank you for using WebRock!

Can i do web like that but on your engine?

Yes, you can make a similar website using the engine.

Hello.. i have a problem in login on my production server. It is login but stay only the first page (login page).

but can’t install with mysql?

i installed on localhost and it’s work but on online server i have problems with login

I’m using SQLite because it’s only used for editing purposes, pages being served as normal files. If you’re experienced with php you can change the database connection to mysql, however I advise you to use a local database because it’s easier to backup.

when i create a form, and configured the mail.php, and when i push send button the webpage go to index.php…. and this file not exist….i need to change to other?

well i create a success page and put this in the action function, but same, the mail not send!

Hi Venewood, did you configure mail.php correctly? It uses phpmailer to send emails.

Hi there! I purchased just now but when I try to edit default or add some pages my chrome console gives error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) http:/**/builder/includes/inc.edit.defaults.php

is that because of some php functions I disabled? Are there some requirements like that?

I use php 5.6 nginx and mysql

Hi, I sent an email about my login address and login information

The demo don’t work on safari

Hi, very interested in this product, but your demo website is missing and I don’t see any resent posts. Are you still supporting this?

Hi gr8graphix,

I’ve tried the demo page right now and it seems to be working fine. Are you still experiencing problems.

Live Preview is not working. Can you fix it?

Thank you for the heads up, I was on a holiday and didn’t find the time to fix it. It’s working now.

Does this have a CMS? Front end sign, manage users. I don’t get how these sellers ignore the most important links when selling – LIVE PREVIEW (Demos links are DEAD!) Please post a working demo. You have a lot of people (including me) that want to buy it

HEY GUY! IS anyone here using this framework right now? Any issues?

Hi netgain, sorry for the late answer, I was on a short Easter holiday. My server seems to have filled up, which is what was causing the problem.

The demo is now working properly.

About the product, due to the nature of envato’s license I can only allow one end product. This doesn’t seem fair, considering you’re buying a page builder. So I decided that in order to allow the user to generate as many pages as he wants, I had to limit the number of accounts to one.

You do have page and image management.

my hosting provider change to defaul mod_rewrite rules on… i change the advance decode to false, and now work the builder, but the Code object, not work… i call to the hosting provider to change to off… this is only comment…. a question: the sql configuration its working?... because i configured database, but not make changes in db.

Hi I am interested in buying this, however demo does not seem to work? I am referring to the LIVE PREVIEW,where it won’t accept logins. Also, the installation page is 404.. Links below. Any chance you can fix this, so I have a chance to review the product before buying?

Hello. Webrock not working. In view of the installed program as in the screenshot in the application. I bought your program on WebRock – Page Builder Framework for HTML5 Regular License 6 months support (expires on 03 Jan 2017) Purchase code: ca8e93xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi gorgolyuk, You will need to edit the inc.config.php file and set the ADVANCED_DECODING parameter to true.

It’s unclear if this includes the Open Loom theme.

It’s listed as the first item in the description and included in the preview, but I have a feeling it’s a separate product for purchase.

Hi darkstonesoftware, basically OpenLoom is created based on WebRock. You’ll get the page builder included in both of them, the licensing model is what differs. With OpenLoom you can build a website starting from what you have when you purchase it. With WebRock, the license allows you to build your own theme aND page builder components. And maybe sell it when using an extended license.

hi pre-sales question

can i add an existing template, like this? do you have a tutorial? what’s we can do it?


how we can have a wordpress template with your page builder?



Hi Loolye​​,

Sorry for the late response, I was on vacation. You can use WebRock with an existing template easily, however you need to know PHP to do it and spend some time creating the components for the new theme.

All the dependencies (scripts and styles) are included on the builder.php page. You have a sample object called object.php where you have examples for all the available inputs. ​

​Using the base object.php you create components which generate blocks from the new template, and you will be able to reuse these blocks and style them accordingly.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards, Alex Grozav​

hi there.

can i extend your pagebuilder with my own blocks (html knowledge available)?

thanks and greetings!

Hi absoluto! You can extend WebRock with any element of your choice. With a little bit of PHP you can even add in-builder customization to your new blocks, just like the existing ones.

Make sure you check the “objects” folder, which contaisn all the existing building blocks. Each currently existing block can be found there.

You can either duplicate and existing one or start from scratch, that’s up to you.

Thank you for your interest!

are you thinking in a version 4.0 or soon update?. :)

Hey Venewood! I am currently working on other non-envato related projects which require my full attention, but as soon as I am done with them I will start providing updates for WebRock. Thank you for asking! :)

Demo is down

Hi SBYDev, can you please try to close the envato frame at the top of the page and retry? You are able to access the login page, right?