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Could you support to Recurring billing?

thanks buddy.

Hey Saneyoshi,

I am sorry but the plugin does not support yet recurring billing. We recently added the functionnality of saving customer credit card information and we are currently thinking of adding other functionnalities like the recurring billing.

Will let you know in case we add it.

Thank you for interest !

I was going to ask the same, please let us know when it supports recurring billing

Sure things, I am going to work on it very soon and will let you know guys as soon as it s done!

Isn’t storing and processing customer credit card details on your own website extremely risky and in breach of PCI rules?

Or does this plugin simply redirect the customer to the WebPay website (therefore no PCI problems)?


Actually no card information is stored on the website, only on webpay servers. Webpay store the card and associate to it an ID that is sent to the website. Therefore, when a customer want to make another payment, only the ID is sent and webpay process the payment with the card stored on their server. That is why it is not risky and is compatible with PCI rules.

I hope it is more clear like this! Do not hesitate if you have other questions.


Hi, I just purchased your plugin and try to implement but got the error message below.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare composerRequire25427371c7a3f63d4061572ef96d90b0() (previously declared in /export/sd05/www/jp/r/e/gmoserver/0/6/sd0068306/ in /export/sd05/www/jp/r/e/gmoserver/0/6/sd0068306/ on line 50

Do you have any ideas?

Hi, I solved the problem. There were the other plugin that uses autoload_real.php. Thank you.

I am glad the problem is solved! It is hard to detect this kind of compatibility problem on my side. Do not hesitate if you have other issues !

Hi, I just purchased your plugin and tested testing mode ON.

When I use credit card for tests and Cardholder’s name * is blank. Without becoming the error, order has gone.

Is this normal operation?

I will send screenshot to your email so please give me a reply.

Hey! I just answered you by mail, it is a normal operation if the javascript is disabled or missing with other plugins on the page. We will try to find a solution for it.

For your information, webpay accept order without name so this is not a problem at all!

Thank you !

hi! great plugin thanks. I have an one problem. When payment has been completed. Stock is will be reduced to double .. Could you determine the cause.

Hey !

Thank you for your interest in the plugin and sorry for the delay.

Actually, the plugin is not involved in the stock handle, so I do not think it could cause such issue. If you use other payment method, is the problem the same?

Thank you.

thank you for my replay. other payment method is no problem when use woocommerce plugin and this plugin only.

I have no other plugin.

For communication purpose, could we communicate by email ? It will be easier to send file ! Thank you

Hello, I just purchased the plugin and I see the same problem of user ‘gowas’: when an order is made the stock is reduced twice for the same item (see attached image).

I also use Paypal, Bank Transfer and Daibiki payment gateway and there is no problem with stock.

Can you please check? Thanks.

Hi, can I get support for this? Waiting for your kind reply. Thanks.

Hi, this problem has been solved by email. I will update soon the version here so that everyone can get it! Thank you

Hello! I would also like to purchase your product if I can set up recurring payments (subscriptions) with it through woocommerce. Have you added that feature yet? Thank you!!

Hi, have a minor issue with the plugin and been trying to reach you over the mail a week ago but didn’t receive any reply… please get back to me. Thanks

Hi Tal ! I just answered you by mail. Sorry about the delay !

Very Nice work. like your job:)