Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Android

Weboox Convert - Perfex CRM to app Android

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Hello how are you? This is a project for those who want to offer their customers the PERFEX CRM system or other CRM system or website in the native Progressive Android format with home screen, push notifications, custom screens and more.

For this you have to buy the product (Perfex – Open Source CRM), install it on your hosting server and then with the URL of the system Perfex CRM you convert into native android application with our android studio project . The native application framework runs within it through the URL of your CRM system. We have included the technology of Super Cache and Ajax to save parts of the structure of your system in the cellular for future navigation (Progressive Technology).

If you do not have a Google Play Developer account, we’ll offer you our account to publish your Android app. Do not worry.

  • If you have no experience or do not know projects with Android Studio System, we help you create your application for free. Even if you do not use the Android Studio system, our team will run the service and create your app so your customers can use your CRM system via Android. ((Term of 72h)).
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  • Material Design:
  • Full material design with animated drawer icon, wave and card layouts. Completely customizable in all colors. With subtle animations such as parallax headers and faded toolbars.

  • Tablet UI:
  • A dedicated two-tier tablet layout and immersive insight to read articles and view content without distractions.

  • Push Notifications by OneSignal:
  • Send push messages and URLs to your users easily.

  • Customizable:
  • Easily make your application your own by translating and customizing colors and using your own icons for menu items.

  • NativeWeb Progressive Technology ™:
  • Never before has web content been so beautiful. We inject custom CSS to optimize the device’s screen page and create a unified look.

  • Social:
  • allows your users to share content and promote your app at the same time.

  • In-app media viewer:
  • View images (embedded), videos and audio content in your application, full screen.

  • Connection Manager:
  • Detects automatically when there is no connection and prompts the user to continue when the Internet is restored.

  • Real Documentation:
  • Instructions for the first application (installation of java, sdk etc). Step-by-step import and model customization. Video Tutorials – Instruction videos to set up the SDK and Android Studio by opening the appropriate files, changing the name of your package, and exporting your application.

  • Dynamic update:
  • Update the app by pulling the screen down.

    Change Log – new version 3.0 – January 08, 2019

    • Pull to refresh animated.
    • PUSH unlimited notifications Firebase or Onesignal
    • Updated documentation for use of Firebase³.
    • Super Cache storage for browsing (Bug fix).
    • Custom page not found (PNG, GIF, JPG).
    • Custom app opening screen (seconds setting).
    • Slide presentation (1-3 images).
    • Security level google play (27)
    • Code correction (cleaner)
    • I´cone de carregar páginas .gif/.png.
    • Navigation bar in navigation color.
    • Super fast system cache (Bug fix).

    Change Log – new version 2.0 – December 20, 2018

    • Animation on page load with custom icon to your liking.
    • PUSH unlimited notifications via Firebase.
    • Updated documentation for use of Firebase.
    • Super Cache storage for browsing.
    • Custom page not found.
    • Custom app opening screen.