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what about the Licenses of the emoji images?

https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ That is the license of the emoji images.

Hi. Is this working on a subfolder? If yes, how to get it working? I’m getting a blank page. Thanks.

Disregard my previous question! Is working as it should.

Regards! 1- I need you to guide me as I am having problems with my site. The first time I installed everything worked well, once I cleaned the cookies and the browser the site looks disorganized, as if there was a CSS error and it does not load well. 2- How can I remove some emoji? what would be the file to modify since I only deleted the image and the descriptive text still appears. Thank you!

One more thing, is there any way to prevent them from clicking on the search button if the text box is empty? It appears: Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …

Hello! any news about it? Thank you!

Regards! In addition to the question above, I would like to know how I can do so that the search for emoji in the search bar is in Spanish? Thank you!

Hi, I was curious. Did you ever write the directive on how to add custom emojis? I was reading through the comments and saw where you were planning to. Thanks.

Hi there!

Is there a way to translate this one?

hey, you’d have to do so manually

How much would it cost for you to modify the script to do this:

1. Every time you click an emoji, it makes a little window pop up with the emoji and the following: -Link to the emoji (When you visit the link it takes you to the page with the little window of the emoji popped up -SEO optimization for every emoji automatically -Easy way to add more emojis

Basically most of the features that (http://www.fastemoji.com/) includes and support for these type of ascii emojis (☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆)

2. Some more ad integration