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Hi, If you support language file or switcher I will buy it today. good work

I will add a language file in the next update :)

Perfect thanks

Hi, I bought a little while ago. How can I add Turkish characters.

Hey there, I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean a translation?

Visit “emoji.kadirblog.com” address. Turkish characters seems to be corrupted.

I will submit an update today that fixes this :)

Can you share the procedure on how to add new ones through myphpadmin?

I took your idea and expanded on it: http://emojiget.com/

Awesome work!


Mavrik Purchased

In the demo its not possible to copy the emoji while the page is loading, and the page loads very slowly. Is there a work around for this? Or is there a way to speed up load time?

Possibly have category pages, so it doesn’t load all images on a single page, which makes page performance really bad?

Also, how would one add new emojis? Is it just uploading an image? Or something else needed?


The image version is more visually appealing and supports all operating systems and browsers. The font version loads fast but some emoji may not be supported for everyone.

I’m looking at possible ways to speed up the image version, this will either be category pages or jquery lazyload for images.


Mavrik Purchased

I purchased the script today, and really enjoy it. Can you describe how to load more emoji, I noticed on emojione they have loads of flags. I saw you mention phpmyadmin, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.



Mavrik Purchased

Additionally – do you, by any chance, have a time frame for speeding up the load time?


Can we add our own images?

You can replace the current images and also add new emoji if you have basic knowledge on how to use phpmyadmin. I will write a guide for this soon.

Great! It will be fun to have our own emoji!

Please add Character Faces Functionality to it Like on This Web Site https://textfac.es/. I am in Search of a Script providing this service. Will buy soon :)


Thank you for our script. I just want notice some problems :

- No cache system, so the IMG Version is very slow to load, specially for robot - IMG Version had some problem on mobile ( http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/491160emoticon1.jpg ) but not the FONT Version - No language file

what about sub domain?


I would like to store arabic words in emoji table and search for the arabic words from UI. can you please help or provide pseudocode?


Will you add the new emoj like bacon etc? http://emojione.com/releases/2.2.4/

Hello, do you plan to add “ads section” if you do that will be great
Best Regards!

no support? why? I installed the site per your instructions but it looks like a lot is missing especially css files? I am a web developer of 15+ years and this one has me stumped. My site looks nothing like yours. See http://penchoffenterprises.com/free-services/webmoji/ for what I’m talking about.

never mind. the problem was that the emoji.css file from the Font Version/assets/css folder was missing from the Image Version/assets/css/ folder. I copied the css file over and now everything works. No one else has reported this in the latest download file? strange…

Hi, I am willing to add emojis in my social site, Will this work in it? PHP5.2 version is fine for me, do you have any demo how will it work.. I want this to include in comments/posts/chat thanks

how to change site link footer and ads,thank you


Tlwen Purchased

Great one. Thanks

We just got the script and installed at http://emojidesk.com/ but it is not showing all emoji Please hlep

Switch to the image version provided in the zip file

thanks I will do

Hi, miss css. Can you help me?

This is good but you miss features that most user need, there is no option for selected multiple emoji. Most users use multiple emoji on their post or status it’s very annoying to come back every time grab 1 emoji.