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I would like to see a live preview…

..And may I ask what the use of this may be?

Doesn’t view source do the same thing?

I join my voice to assassin for a live preview.

Thank you all for your interest!

erichamby: Essentially view source does do the same thing if you want to read it yourself, but what happens if you want to write a system that periodically checks certain urls for changes or keywords (or something along those lines)?

Shadowassassin, raindi: I’ll put up a live demo just as soon as my hosting comes back up! Is there a way to put it up for preview through codecanyon?

There should be (I have seen other demos through CC) Maybe ask support?

find it completely useless. No offense, sorry for that, but you can ask “Stackoverflow” and get the source code with explanation from them.

what exactly is useless about it? It does a webrequest to a url, gets the markup and strips out the html, exactly what the description says it does.

I made a similar project like this in php/ajax and it got rejected, funny how an .net version gets accepted.

this was rejected several times until the reviewer was satisfied that it was high enough quality, but i did have a very encouraging reviewer.

this work with php?

No it is .NET

can I strip out the a href links from the retrieved html?

the best way to do this would be to use HTML Agility pack in conjunction with the plugin.

Amazing Work ;)