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hi, i bought your sscript but your script don’t save my report.

When i cancell all coockies of internet i dont have nothing.

Don’t save any report, i press the button ” save report” after it i closed my Firefox or IE , open your script and i have nothing…..Why?

Hi diausru, we may have to go through a number of things to try and get to the bottom of your issue. Please can you go through the following list.

  • Does the report save on the test system?
  • In Firefox, go to Preferences/Privacy/remove individual cookies. If you search for Webgenuity, does the test cookie exist?
  • If you can try these suggestions first this will let us know if the cookie is actually being saved.

    Regards: Neil

Hi there, I just bought your script and I put it on my subdomain. But when I go to wfp.php, it shows blank page with black background and nothing else on it. all its pulling is and it contains nothing inside it. Any suggestion or fix please :( ? thank you.

updated: Never mind, it was my side fix. When I uploaded the directory to the server, I had to change the permissions to “jquery-ui-1.8.18.custom” folder to 755. then everything showed up.

Hi Jeevan916

Glad you managed to sort your issue, any other problems let me know.

Regards: Neil

I tried your test script out here and wasn’t able to save a report and open it? I need to know it works, cause I am interested :)

Hi Cygnus17

Can you do the following, this will let us know if the cookie is actually being saved.
  • In Firefox, go to Preferences/Privacy/remove individual cookies. If you search for Webgenuity, does the test cookie exist?

I did what you asked and the answer is NO, the cookie for Webgenuity did not exist. I did buy your script and I put together a full budget. I saved it and it showed as saved. The next day I tried to view it and the budget I had made was completely gone and I couldn’t get it back.

Any ideas here, thanks.

Hi cygnus

Sorry your still having problems, I’ll update the cookie handling features tonight/tomorrow using a number of different methods and i’ll send you another link. We’ll then see if any of the methods are saving the cookies.

Does this happen on any other browser?

Yes, this is happening in Safari for me. Thanks

Hi cygnus17

Can you go to this address and send an image of the screen to support@webgenuity.co.uk


Regards: Neil

Hi Neil, I am interested in your script. I want to know if it is easily customizable. I want to integrate it with Twitter’s Bootstrap and I want to know if I can do this easily before I purchase.



Hi qwesa2big

The financial planner comprises of one div element and virtually all the settings can be changed either by the args or css.

If you need any other adjustments available let me know.

Regards: Neil

Do you have a PHP version of this script that can save entries into a database?

Hi mjbrown9

Not at the moment, i can write a AJAX based PHP file which will allow you to do what you want. I’m currently writing another project but will be coming back to this app to add additional features such as Mortgage, Loan Calculators etc. I’ll add your request to the list.

Regards: Neil

1. live preview doesn’t work

2. after saving report with non-latin characters report is non-readable (after opening)

Any solutions?

Hi Giasher

Unfortunately, the developer for this application is no longer around and the domain has been closed. I’ve been asked to fill in and respond to any queries. As for your request, no, not that i am aware of, sorry.

Thanks, Netsa

Hi all

I have now taken over this project and i will be writing a new system with many more features. I’m hoping to have it complete in March 2013. Any requests please mail me at netsa@netsa.co.uk

great. another “live preview” on this site that just doesn’t work! great way to market and advertise your product LOL

theres no any new on this?

Works great!!! just what i needed hehe :D

please make it connected to sql

Hi, the demo link is not working, can you check it please? I’m interested but I’d like to try it before.


I have Wordpress 3.9.1 and this plugin is not compatible. It’s been two years since it was updated. The guy who has supposedly taken it over has not answered my email. This was a loss for me.

Hello I purchased your script and looking through the product I have to ask this question. Is it possible to save the information to a database or does it read information supplied by the data data stored in a data base. I like the layout and it gave me some great new ideas on presenting the information. Thank you :) Alex