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when will i get update

updates are stopped now, we will back to work on it soon

may i know the time i have 3 months support only…. what you shown in demo .. there is no facebook share button in posts…. totally waste… please return my money

What the 67 Rss feed supported?

any RSS contains a like from these http://oembed.com/

please give path for config file , i need database name username pwd

he give support upto he will get good review, after that he will block you i hope. i didnt get any updates from him, i asked my money number of times. still didnt get back

you get the code then you want your money? and tells me that you bought it by wrong ? its a nice trick, then you come here to try to show us as bad supporters

get the code but what is the use, what you shown in your demo, what you sold to us, your trick is better than buyers. present im not using your code, there is no share option what you shown in your demo, how you talking like this… waste of my money… dont blame us..

this comment is 3months age i wrote ,,,, i got reply 2 months ago…. what a nice support… if you are jentleman send my money back… im not using your code, still i didnt give this code to others… ur wish

Hi There, pre purchaser here :)
Can you tell if it is possible to create my own video by uploading images?

you can upload many images in one post and it will display as a slider

How many statis have for user documentation dosent have enough information

what do you need to know

like admin , moderator and user .script have user authorization like forum.I gonna mod have some permission as confirm article , comment etc

How is the listed paging number given?

what do you mean?

disable the javascript, you will see something like this

How do I sort a list of media? Basically, I want to create a category, add some images, and sort them by drag/drop ordering or some ordering method of my choosing.

presales – can a user upload video from your plugin directly to my youtube channel and then plugin will capture the youtube video id? Also, is there a voting feature in your plugin?

no, it can fetch only , maybe in the future

does it have user permission for every category?

no, but we will take it in consideration for next updates

this script is dead? there will not mee any updates?

just busy these days, we will work on it soon

Every time I try to do something in the backend it is trying to go to panel.html and says it does not exist. When I change the .html to .php it works. But the minute I click another link that needs to use .html I get the error again. The code is wrong in calling for .html instead of .php

make sure that you have a file called .htaccess

PreSale: When will You update the script? I guess You are busy, but if You sell this product you should be also update-ing it. Also – website in mobile is too slow, because the images are large.. No resize.


I want to buy a script. When will the update?

i will take this into consideration in the next update

When will the update?

If the author releases the updates once a year, then no one will buy the script without updates. Irresponsible author!

Can you add Reddit and tumblr as provider

Instagram support to pull the latest posts?

Don’t waste a time for comments. This script is dead… Suggested to CC for remove.

what do you mean by cc