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Excellent Work! :-)

Thank you! :-)

Thank you so much! We wanted to do something very useful :-)

We’re ready to new ideas and suggestions for this plugin. Write if you’re want more features, or if you want get help

Very nice work! Congrats!

Thank you very much! We are already working on a new version with new features.

Good job bro

Thank you very much ))

Not enough choice of the type of consultation or question topic. Hopefully later appear. The plugin is good – not enough just such on wordpress.

We’re currently working on a new version that will include this feature. That’s will be simple pre-edited list of topics, or list of tags. Thanks for your question!

I would also like to see the book consultant to answer, for the consolidation of the different consultants of different issues.

It would be nice to be able to clean up the field name and e-mail to registered users, save your profile and further expose the city and phone.

I forgot to write about booking answers – if the experts more then when placing the question once more comes to the notice, often for the response takes time, sometimes even a day, until the expert prepares response to another may have to answer – get monkey business expert, will be confusion and experts will be unpleasant.

It is better to make the expert could book the question of the other, such as a day, during which time he could easily prepare a response, and the other one to the question can not be answered.

Дополню по-русски чтоб было понятно а то гугл переводит как попало – 100% будет путаница с попытками разных экспертов ответить на один вопрос, нужно блокировать взятие вопроса в работу другими пока ответ готовит уже кто то.

It’s about both your issues.

There is a problem – when the plugin is activated you can not edit comments plugin and WordPress Social Login ceases to work (in the admin control of social networks)

Currently we are working on a new version. It will be released in 7-15 days. We will consider all your issues and bugreports. Thank you very much for your feedback!

We do not observe such a problem. Perhaps the reason is in your configuration or in your other plugins. If you insist that the problem exists, we ask you to demonstrate which plug-ins you have installed and attach the screenshots, with FireBug error messages


zloj Purchased

Now I have posted discus comments and disabled registration on the site in general (removed and authorization plug-ins), so the problem now is not.