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Thanks mate:)

Demo nit work on chrome 52.0.2743.116

Hello Urugway, firstly I would like to thank you for taking time to mention it. Secondly there is a new policy to chrome browser that in order to use getUserMedia() you eighter need to be on a localhost or have a https link.

I’ve updated the demo link so you can check that it’s working now in Chrome,Opera and Mozilla.

Is this have something to do with ip cameras?

Hello Suceava. The answer it’s no..It checks for codes stored in the system as a string. The webcam then reads the QR Code placed in front of it and checks if the shown code it’s added to the system and reacts accordingly(in this case login based on the code level). I’m curious tho what you mean by ip cameras. Are you looking to set cameras based on their ip ?! or?! Anyway thanks for your time and wish you a great day:)

Yes, a script where a user comes and register’s and then based on their main ip and port forwarding to add it and of course for each cam will have to input: local network ip ,id and pass and then they can access their cameras from anywhere. That was my idea. Thanks.

Oh you mean by remote controlling your webcam ? Sadly this script doesn’t do that but it would be a cool feature :D and it could be done. You could login using a qr code and instead of having the “welcome admin!” message you could implement the code for remote webcam control. The after-login page it’s a .php file where you can easily do whatever you want once you’ve logged in.

Hi. What is the best practice for qr-code image resolution?

I see..well that would be a bit trickier to do since the script doesn’t have the grounds for that..but will implement it in the next update. I will add it as fast as I get some spare time. Are you in big need of this function? For a small fee I could squeeze some time to do it.

Not so big:) It’s also an experiment to extend potential architecture possibilities. I’ll be waiting for envato newsletter about this update. Thanks for quick reply, +1* ;)

Oh ok.sorry for needing to wait. I’m putting your request on top of the features list so when it will be updated it will have this feature:) Wish you all the best!


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Hi i have question on this.. How do it work on mobile end.. Can it read from Mobile cam to scan QR code and login.

It should work with mozilla mobile browser tho i didn’t checked the other ones..Will check them soon but if the mobile browser supports webcam API it will work just fine.

Hello, demo not working take a look please, im very interested in buy it :)