Webcam Image Handler for WordPress

Webcam Image Handler for WordPress

About Webcam Image Handler for WordPress

Want an easy way to display your webcam images on a WordPress website?

Outerbridge’s Webcam Image Handler plugin for WordPress allows you to easily transfer images from a remote server, and display them on your WordPress website.

You simply save your webcam images into a folder on a remote server. The plugin does not interact directly with the webcam; it simply collects new images from the remote server as they become available.

You can either grab new images from your server, or batch download all the images at once.

New in version 2.0:

Added Help & Usage to admin area for ease of use.
Added [obr_display_image image=X] option to display last X images.
Added 2 hooks (1 filter, 1 action) for advanced users to use in customisations.
Updated FlexSlider to latest version (v2.5.0)

FlexSlider is included with this plugin and can be used to animate your webcam images, just by using the shortcode [obr_display_image image=slider]!

With the Webcam Image Handler plugin, you can use your webcam images for a variety of purposes e.g. illustrate progress on a construction site, display images from a wildlife webcam or document the progress of your self-build home, kit car or home-improvement project. Share your weather cam or security camera images.

There are lots of different display options with this plugin; you can display single images (e.g. the latest image or a random image), some images, all images or even an animated slideshow of your images.

Easy to set up and use via the admin dashboard, this plugin comes with comprehensive instructions built into the plugin, as well as a quick start guide to get you up-and-running in minutes.

Want to See More?

Visit the demo site where you can see the Webcam Image Handler for WordPress plugin in action.

Version History

  • v2.1.1 – 04 August 2016 – updated the Help & Usage Intro page
  • v2.1 – 06 August 2015 – amended the script and style loading, thanks to Kurt Zenisek for his input
  • v2.0.1 – 19 June 2015 – corrected the sort for [obr_display_image image=X] to display last X images
  • v2.0 – 05 June 2015 – added Help & Usage section to admin area, added [obr_display_image image=X] to display last X images, added 2 hooks, updated FlexSlider to latest version (v2.5.0) and general code tidy
  • v1.7 – 27 January 2015 – checked multisite operation and other general code tidying
  • v1.6 – 18 September 2014 – added advanced admin option to disable ftp_size() and formatted the advanced options page
  • v1.5 – 30 May 2014 – added advanced admin option to select port number
  • v1.4 – 22 January 2014 – added advanced admin options for explicit passive FTP and FTP timeout period
  • v1.3 – 12 July 2013 – improved display function
  • v1.2 – 07 May 2013 – small bug fix
  • v1.1 – 28 March 2013 – added reverse order display options
  • v1.0 – 22 February 2013 – initial release

Tested and working great with WordPress 4.7.2