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There is nothing about Parse or Push in your documentation. Also Parse is not working anymore, cant signup.

Hi, a new update is coming soon implemented onesignal. If you have allready parse account you can add a new app in parse and use it before a new update. Documentation includes where to put push notification credentials and does not includes third part services explanation, how to upload app or how to configure your parse account. Regards

how soon? was waiting for months



We will be able to compile the program for you and publish it to the App Store. (Extra Support) Just write to us.”

is there any extra cost if I ask you to do so.. if yes.. how much is the cost.

thanks for contacting us, please send us your mobile website url at first and contact us via email at info@appsvilla.de

Hello. I see that the last update was in September 2015, why have you not updated since 2016 and this is 2017 already? Do you still support this app because i want to buy. Thank you.

Hi, app is working fine for all iOS and latest Xcode version and that’s why update was not required. We still support this item of corse as all of our apps. Regards

Do it Support local HTML FIles ???

Hello, app supports only websites, not local. Regards

No update available for onesignal? Parse is offline. ¿Project abandoned?

Hi, a new update is coming soon implemented onesignal. Regards

Could you indicate the exact date that we will have available the update with onesignal incorporated? There are many people who have been waiting for it for some time. I would need a date in order to assess whether to wait or not.

Please update your app. Add OneSignal push notifications please

Our developers are working on it and new update is coming soon. Thanks

Hi, Interested in buying it. Please mail me have few questions.. ahmedhussainmohammad@gmail.com

Hello, please send us via email your request at info@appsvilla.de. thanks

is this an app platform that we create our web app? Im confused on how we convert our site to an app? How do we preview app prior?

Yes your website will be as mobile app. For more questions contact us per mail via our profile’s contact form. Thanks

WDuh…really? I thought my website might be an app.lmao! Don’t worry about the question. I’m sure developers are still working on one signal integration after SEVEN months right?. No thanks


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How Long before onesignal push notifications are implemented?

1-2 weeks. And update is coming

The software can integrate Doubleclick for Publishers google ads

Sorry, we could not understand your question.

But I want to askDoes the app have integrated doubleclick for publisher (DFP)?

Does the app have integrated audience network Facebook ads

just bought this app spent some time building images and such replaced the info needed (hunted for banner ads assuming they are not in this app?) and tried to build got many errors .. i thought this was me making mistakes so i deleted the whole download and re opened. same errors with no info changed

i have never built on xcode b4 … have many android apps thought i would trow that in there .. any help would be amazing thanks

Sorry for the delay, our iOS developer is in summer holiday and will be back end of this week. We are really sorry for the inconvenience and will get back to you asap via email. Before our developer will check your mail, please try again our clean code as all our customers are using this code without any issues and it should work. please check also your xCode settings.

I don’t have another week to wait sadly I’ll try again but I did have someone try for me and they said it looked like the app has not been built for is 10? Is He wrong?

After opening the code in xCode you will need to validate project settings shown under yellow signs, and just replace the URL and logos as in documentation mentioned, should work. Please check it again and contact us via email as comments are only for pre sale questions and emails allows us to coordinate the matter much more better. Thanks

Question 1: I hear a problem occurs when IOS Webview applications are accepted to App store. Does your application provide a solution to this problem?

Question 2: When there is no internet or no access to website, does it give a warning message?

Hi, 1) if website has fine mobile view it will be mostly submitted but no guarantee. 2) no warning message


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The app loads the photos from the camera roll, but if I select the camera access options it closes subtly, how can I resolve this, I wish I could access the camera and take the photo to attach to form when I open it by the app

Hi, you should make changes for your website so that for all browsers will be acceptable

does it support php and js websites


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Hello i want you to comppile the app already send an email to email udress up in comment but no answer back would u mind to please let me know where to write in order to be able to pay for that?


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Is there any new on supporting push up notifications?

Does this app support the latest IOS ?

Hello dear friend, does this accept ip as a url? I have a client with a web system accessed via ip, and it needs an access with an ios app. It’s possible?

Hi, please send us mentioned ip and we can test it before you purchase. Please use contact form from our profile’s page. Thanks