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Where can I get support?

We’ve got various tools to help you with your template!

Your main place to-go for full set-up tutorials and all information you need on setting up your template.
Visit documentation.

FAQ/Common Questions
Got an error? A particular question? We’ve collected the most common things we get asked in one place.
Visit FAQ.

File a ticket
Do you have an question that can’t be answered by our documentation or FAQ? Then you submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you personally.
Send a support request.

Please do not request support using the comments section. This is only meant for pre-purchase questions.

Will my app be accepted in the Apple App Store?

Great question! It’s a common misperception that web based apps will not be accepted by Apple based on the simple fact that they are web based. There are many WebView based apps available in the App Store, and there are plenty of WebView based templates available across the web, including Web2App.

However, that doesn’t mean that any app published with Web2App (or any other WebView template for that matter) will always be accepted by Apple. If you app is only a simple frame of your site, chances are your app could be rejected.

To get started, it is crucial that your content is mobile ready or responsive, and feels like a native app. For this, we encourage the use of Frameworks like JQuery Mobile, Polymer, IONIC, etc to provide you app with a good mobile optimized user interface. Next, make sure to use plenty of the native functionalities we offer, like the use of tabs, hiding bars, and adding offline support.

Examples We’ve stated some Good and Bad examples for apps you could build with Web2App. Both for tabs and for fullscreen apps examples have been given.

Therefore, the purchase of Web2App will not guarantee the approval of your app to the App Store. Only the appropriate use of this template preferably using as much native UI elements as possible, like our tabs will ensure an App Store Approval.