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Would be nice if you could move tab to the bottom

Thank you for your suggestion.

Happy New Year Sherdle Apps Team, Good Luck With Sales and New Projects. :)

Very kind of you! A great 2017 to you as well!

Dear Sherdle Team, need your help regarding this ticket – 878014 asap.

I’ve received your ticket and one of our agents will look into it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Still waiting my friend, Android App is up and running, iOS got delayed though…

hi my dear : can u make this app with rtl

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll keep it in mind!

linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

The error is in main story board ?

I fixed using your comments thanks

Great to hear, enjoy your app!

Quick question i dont want to show title of app? and bottom navigation i hide it but its hidden in scroll i want to hide them permanently coz my app have its own navigation thanks

Thanks good work on app.

Great to hear! I assume you’ve resolved this? If the problem persists, info on how to change this behaviour can be found in your docs.

Yes i figured it out i delivered my app to app store its in review :D. i will disturb you guys again when i start new webapp. cheers.

how to use one signal instead of mixpanel ?

Thank you for your purchase, I am happy to answer your question.

At the moment, only MixPanel is included with Web2App for IOS.

We’re looking at into including OneSignal as well with a future update, but for now you’ll have to use MixPanel (or manually add OneSignal, but we don’t cover this with our support).