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admob banner and interstitial?

Hi! Yes we support Admob banners (not interstitials)

we want to share current page url.. example: if we at home page then is it possble to share home page’s url, if we at about us page then is it possible to share about us page’s url.. kindly advise

Via web2app is possible to share product url..or there is only option to share google play url/link.

Now i hope you get my point.

Hi! On Android this is not the case by default, and you might need to manually edit the sharing method to fit your needs (see my other comment to you)

On android is it possible for you to edit it for us to when the share button is pressed we will share the url of the page we are currently viewing ? So that it may worth it for us.

Hi! We can edit it for you, but we do charge for freelance works like this. You can also hire anyone else to do this for you (i.e. ask a friend) or make the modification yourself (it shouldn’t be to difficult).

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

This is not a swift app. No where it is mentioned about it..Can you please arrange for a refund..THanks

Hi! I’m sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with your purchase. However, in our description you will find under ‘files included’ that we only include .h, .m and .xib/.nib files (and no .swift files).

While the app is not written in Swift, I hope you’ll find that it is still an amazing WebView template as advertised, in addition, because of the Swift/Objective-C inter-operatibility, you can still include .Swift files you write yourself into the template (or vice versa).

I have your android app…but i am not happy with the ios app and big disappointment for being it on Obj-c..I am looking for a swift version..pls request for a refund

Unfortunately, to ensure a fair and equal refund process for all Envato customers, I can only provide a refund when it is eligible according to the Envato refund policy for which you refund does not apply: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

I can as a courtesy, swap you license for any one of our other templates if you’d like. Please let me know if you’d like to use this offer.

I am getting File not found error for OneSignal..Any update??


pkirankmr Purchased

Unable to handle popups. On the web the pop is opened on click of a button. But in the template app, there is no response

I can see that in android, we have this option

public static final String[] OPEN_OUTSIDE_WEBVIEW

In IOS , how to enable the same


Hi! The following page might be of help: https://sherdle.com/help/how-to-open-url-in-safari/


pkirankmr Purchased

i did already see that.but it did not help me ..can you please give more details on how to handle popups.

Hi! I’m sorry, but we only have an options to open links in Safari or the WebView itself as described in the article. We don’t offer any options specific to popups at this time.


ricinborsa Purchased

Hi, any news to have OneSignal push notification integrated with Wordpress? We need to send push notifications when a Wordpress post is published. We’ve achieved that with the Android version of this template, what about iOS?