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Why you didn’t used onesignal for push this time?

Hi, great question! The next update (no ETA yet) will add support for OneSignal as well.

For now, MixPanel was used rather than OneSignal because it also provided analytics functionalities.

hi, i have this error: Failed to create provisioning profile.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

Could you submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket with the details of this error? I.e. a screenshot and any further details you might have on when this error occurs.

i have just submit a new ticket, please reply, how i can publish it, i need thanks

How do i disable zoom? i tried this //The WebView _webView = [[UIWebView alloc] init];

_webView.scalesPageToFit = false;
_webView.backgroundColor = backgroundColor;
_webView.delegate = self;
_webView.scrollView.bouncesZoom = false;
_webView.scrollView.bounces = false;
_webView.multipleTouchEnabled = false;

but I’m getting a format error

is the “BETA” version different from the main one?

I’m getting this error

None of your accounts are a member of ‘F73J3HF8F8’: An unexpected error occurred. Xcode cannot find a team matching ‘F73J3HF8F8’. No profiles for ‘com.sherdle.webtoapp.OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find a provisioning profile matching ‘com.sherdle.webtoapp.OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension’. Code signing is required for product type ‘App Extension’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.3’

Hi, did you sign your OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension Target as well? The following describes this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/39764131/1683141

Regarding your earlier question: You should use the main template (Web2App folder). The Beta version (in the ‘older versions folder’) is included for compatibility reasons only.

Hello guys, Just following up on support question please Ticket #143225

mobile zoom is not working. i have web view properties like this

_webView = [[WKWebView alloc] init];
_webView.backgroundColor = backgroundColor;
_webView.navigationDelegate = self;
_webView.scrollView.bouncesZoom = false;
_webView.scrollView.bounces = NO;
_webView.multipleTouchEnabled = NO;
_webView.backgroundColor = backgroundColor;
_webView.scrollView.bouncesZoom = false;
_webView.scrollView.bounces = false;
_webView.multipleTouchEnabled = false;

but mobile zoom is allowed. how can disable? this happened after you updated the project

Okay, I’m not sure about how this behaviour has changed with the new WebView. Make sure that the settings you are applying is supported by WKWebView (rather than UIWebView).

I’ll confirm this with our developers as well, so they can look into this option with the next update.

objective-c or swift?

It’s written in Objective-c. Please rest assured that this is still the most used programming language on IOS, and that our app is fully compatible with the latest version of IOS.

what are you using for IOS browser WKWebView or UIWebView ??

We use WKWebView (but I have an UIWebView version as well for you if you’d like)

my website in the IOS webview is not working properly , for example the bottom bar get suck sometimes, however it’s working perfectly on safari browser

I left a ticket for you guys.

Thank you very much

How does this work? Its an plugin you need to add to the site or code?

Ok thanks I just purchased. I hope its good :)

Hi, if I dont use the tab functions does that mean the app will have no menu to navigate? Even though its on the site?

For navigation within a single webpage, you can use the bottom bar. However, if you’d like to show multiple different sites in your app you would have to use the tab bar.

Want to disable all tabs How?

If you only add 1 tab to your app, tabs will automatically be hidden. In addition, you can set headerState to HIDEALWAYS to hide more top bars.