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Hi How do I change the Splashscreen from the default one.

I do not see a resource folder, I only see images folder but when I replace the logo.png still showing your logo.

Below from is your documentation

Changing launch screen IOS requires a launch screen or launch image. To update the launch screen with your own logo, locate ‘logo.png’ inside the ‘resources’ folder and replace the logo with your own logo.

If you want, you can customize your splash screen even further, by opening LaunchScreen.storyboard (found in the ‘WebToApp’ folder) with the layout editor.

It looks like you may be using an outdated version of our Web2App template. Please note that the latest version will have a longer and more elaborated AppDelegate.h file in which you’ll find plentiful options.

Originally the project runs in Xcode7. I have an old mac runs in old os, can I have the latest version project that can run in Xcode7.

You’ll find the older version in the download. However, please note that we can only provide support and bug fixes for the latest version (which uses Xcode 8 ), you can also use a service like macincloud to use such a version.

I have an APP that is experiencing the following error message:

“an error has occurred loading this page” only in APP for iOS. I am running the previous version of your code. My website is made in Wordpress. It was all working well and began to present this message today. I did not upgrade to the new code.

In WebViewController.m you can remove the lines including and between:
//If the error is not a connection error, show a dialog
[self presentViewController:alertController animated:YES completion:nil];
Note that this is shown because your webpage / server throws an error. This will fix the symptom but not the problem itself.

but what is the error that generates this message? we need to know to correct.

I’d tell you if I knew, but unfortunately I don’t. All I know is that the message is caught by safari and thrown by your server/connection.

thanks nice how if add to app multiply language some website by some language if make setting to select language is good if make for me i want this code thanks

Hi! It’s really easy to translate Web2App (see our KB) however, we don’t yet support multi-language support with the template.

is it possible to get search icon and better Wordpress support ? the other app you have for iOS has this full screen option for the top header part.

Yes, we offer full screen for both Web2App for IOS to show your site in full screen. Wordpress and search are supported within the WebView (but not natively, for a native template, you can look into our other template Universal for IOS).

I need help with two things. removing scroll bar on the side and disabling zoom. I tried this _webView.scalesPageToFit = false; _webView.backgroundColor = backgroundColor; _webView.delegate = self; _webView.scrollView.bouncesZoom = false; _webView.scrollView.bounces = false; _webView.multipleTouchEnabled = false;

and nothing works

These are (just like the WebView) default IOS UI elements that we do not provide an option for to change their appearance.

Please note that our customisation options are limited to the options advertised in our description, shown in our demo and explained in our documentation, and that I can unfortunately not assist you with any customisations beyond this. Thank you for understanding!

alright I got one last thing I wanna try! how can I increase the hight of the logo on the menu slide

You can do this by editing the rear navigation controller (or Storyboard file)

Hi i want buy app for both ios&android but have guide to app?

You can’t change the tab bar color on IOs. But you can change the drawer and header colors in AppDelegate.h


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hello my bro i’m bought by regular i can puplish to app store not make problem for me?

Hi! No this isn’t a problem. You can publish to the store using a regular license.

does this have “Advertising Identifier (IDFA) to serve advertisements.” as default placed in?

Hi! We use Admob, which has the IDFA built-in.

why does this have ”#define ADMOB_UNIT_ID @”ca-app-pub-6665486036151939/9334696330”” as default ? people are barely getting past getting approved by apple, so serving ads is the least most need I am sure.

Hi! This is a placeholder ID. Note that Ads will never show up in your app until you also set BANNER_ADS_ON to true (by default it’s false). We’ll never show ads out of the box.

Can the ” config.json” be remotely edited ?

Yes, this is possible. You should put the json file on your server and load it from your app (see documentation).

App went through. Thank you


I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket and provide as much details as possible (upload configuration files, state which changes you’ve made).


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Hello, there are a way to make a call to phone number via the ios app and android one

On Android you can just use a tel:123 type of link. On IOS this may vary for the type of link ,and you should always test on an actual device.

My webpage has 1 link to open the external google maps application, the following example link: https://www.google.com/maps?z=16&t=k&q=-16.766548333333,-49.294176666667

but I need to open the google maps app, not the browser.

I bought your 2 IOS apps, none of them will serve me, money thrown away.

I’m sorry to hear you feel like you wasted your money.

If you also purchased our other IOS template ‘Universal’, note that it has a Maps content provider that can show a location (or list of locations) on a map. We also have a custom intent item there that you can use to open a menu item outside the app (most likely the browser, but it can be any link).


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how to add swipe goback in code please to back from page to pervious page like facebook for example and sorry for my english :)

Hi! We currently support no swipe to go back (this is because swipe to go back is for view controllers, and not for webpages at this time with WKWebView).

Hi I have bought for the android app and very much satisfied.I would like to purchase this but I do not have a mac so I would like you to set up, compile and submit for me to the app store. Would you do it for me and how much will it cost?because I different prices on the comment I guess it is because of different requirements. Please let me now so I can buy this.

I have sent the email please let me know

I have sent you an email but how I have no reply from you? Please let me know if you can do that.

Hi! Our freelance team doesn’t always work on weekends, but I’ve asked to get back to any new emails as soon as possible :)


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I am trying to add local content, I drag and dropped index.html ( css, images ) folders inside xCode to local folder..

Went into config, Url”index” gives me ” an error has occurred loading this page “

Config Url “index.html” loading indicator on top bar, keeps loading forever nothing appears

Tried with multiple local content, different files and folders, same issue

Even kept the URL empty and drag index.html into it letting xCode write the source which is like /user/desktop/test/index.html, but also gives me error loading page


i-Ry5 Purchased

Thanks, this solved the problem

But also using local html file would give the same old problem of pre scrolling the page

Great to hear your issue was resolved!

Yes, we are aware of this issue, but this is a bug of WKWebView. We’re waiting for Apple to publish a fix. You can revert to a previous version of Universal (using UIWebView) that doesn’t have this bug if you like.


I have looked more toward solving this problem, and I found this:


Cloud you tell me how to implement these solutions? I want to try them out ..

By the way, I don’t mind to use Uiwebview but it doesn’t have the same feature of the version that you are showing in the item description, it’s just a web page loading app which is not useful at all for me .. however I am trying to work with you until we can find a workaround for this small problem

+ I don’t know why if I used instagram or twitter link it doesn’t happen, is it something with the design files? or it’s something else?



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Hi, I’m facing an issue, i’ve got a WP site, and the app was built for it, i force login to the website, but in the app something is wrong, it doesn’t save any cookies, if i just logged in and then refreshed the page, it asks to login again! and it asks for login between tabs also!


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i had to totally ignore tabs for the saved sessions to work, what a wasted idea

I’m sorry you experienced trouble using cookies. Unfortunately, due to limitations apple imposed on WebView, cookies aren’t synced through multiple instances of WebView (i.e. in the case of tabs).

However, you should be able to use the Drawer/Sliding menu instead, so you can still show multiple questions.

Please feel free to let me know if I can help you with any other questions.