Web2App (Convert your Website to Application)

Web2App (Convert your Website to Application)

->Web2app is a simply open url with its name.
-> Material design used for making user interface.

-> Responsive and fast.

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Note* : before call please prepare Xcode v8 above + sdk with latest version.

WebToApp is a IOS based application for Ios devices. It’s easy to use, with simple and beautiful design. Designed for small and big business. This is a Web View application what transform your business to a IOS application, IOS project that allows you to wrap your website in a simple IOS application. It is ideal for a single page web app with no navigation. For example, leading page, a game, interactive page, etc. One config file to setup everything, simply edit the included config file and convert your business site to a IOS application.


IOS app;
Xcode 8+ Project;
Swift 3 project;
Tablet Support;
Easy to customize;
Support all URLs and all kind of Websites;
Easily set your URL which should be loaded;
Optimized for all current Android devices;
Left side Menu;
Multitasking supported;
Universal App for IOS devices;
No Programming Skills Required;
Commented code;
Have fun and don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page if you like it!