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Hi, where is the “download” button? and what is the “Join” button?

> Hi, where is the “download” button?

Click video link in list below and select “Save as” in browser.

> what is the “Join” button?

Join – concatenate video clips.

Hi, I want to get this. But i wonder if you provide a full source code of every function or not.

Full source PHP code is opened.

youtube uploading not workin ?

I have send you a email but you haven’t replay ? If you keep silent please refund the money

I’ll answer the same day. Here is my answer:

> Please give me a link where I can see.

> Also give details of your server (OS, PHP version, web server).

You know how to use email?

I opened downloading from YouTube on my demo: You can chek.

Hey friend, your plugin is great. Do you have customization service? My request is like this: there is a folder on my server. In this folder there are a videoA, picture1, pic2, pic3 …, a music, a sound file, a title. The template is same all the time. For example, VideoA + pictures + music + sound + title. What I need is just ” one click” to make this video. I don’t care about the perfect editing. Just add them together to upload to YouTube. Can you make a customization like this function? Thanks.

I think I can help you. Please contact me by email. Form in right column.

Thank you so much for your reply. My email is I am outside working and I will send you more information after go back. Victor (Winsold at gmail dot com)

Hey Andy, I just sent you the email. Could you reply to me so I will have your address and I can send you some information about my request. Thank you.

Hello Nice App

One question… does it support video recording and editing from m3u8 urls?


I have written an email through the contact form because I have problems with creating clips when 2 or more episodes are chosen. Please don´t let me wait too long it is important. Thank you