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excellent support! excellent plugin!

Thank you!

Thank you for purchase!


Is it possible to install this on multisite where multiple subdomains can see statistcs of their own subdomain, not showing views/pagelooks of other subdomains?

Bummer. Is it possible if I buy for each sub domain, and install on each subdomain individually? Will that track only the views for each subdomain?

Hello Matt,

We didn’t test compatibility of Web Tracker with WPMU so I cannot guarantee this will work. I understand how frustrating it would be if you buy few copies of Web Tracker and it doesn’t work at the end, so you may want to look for another solution that is 100% compatible with WPMU.

Kind regards,
Nikola R.

Thanks for your response. If you could somehow confirm that it may work with multiple purchases installed separately on different sub domains, and it would track traffic only on that sub domain, I would buy many many copies! Thank you for your honesty. Will look for a different plugin unless I hear it works on different installs on different subdomains!

Hi there, I was wondering, does this show post page hits as well in the dashboard

Thanks for your time

thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, do these display as a report in the dashboard? ie time on page etc

Thanks again

If you look at the demo at this link, (login using user: demo / pass: demo) you will see how it looks like. There is one post on the site (“Hello World”) and page (“Sample Page”).

Nikola R.

perfect, thanks so much!

Hi – your plugin looks very good! I was wondering what kind of load does it add to a site with lots of traffic? Is it storing data in custom tables? Does prolonged use cause DB bloat? Is there a way to “archive” or purge historic data?



We are using it on our own website from February when it was in beta (we released it here in March) so it’s 8 months of active use with over 40k records generated, and site works as good as before.

Load time is not increased, because plugin uses ajax asynchronous calls to update data.

Archiving data is not possible. Regarding purging data, you can delete multiple records at once, but we may add purge function in the future, to delete data from specific date range.

Kind regards, Nikola R.

Hi Is your plugin compatible with WP Super Cache?

Hello, geoIP is not installing.. stuck on initializing. PHP version is 5.5 version MSQL version is 5.5.32

fresh installed theme on fresh mysql database.. i added ticket as well .. please let me know the solution. regards saif

Hello Saif,

You have a new reply on your ticket. Please use comments only for pre-sale questions.

Thank you,
Nikola R.

Alright, but i must admit here – that you are one of those great professionals i met here. Thank you so much for the kindness and support. Best wishes to your present & future. saif

Hello, pre purchasse question. I am a programmer and I got a wordpress install with multiple roles. With the current version, will I be able to asign analytics to certain users? For example I want a certain user to only see analytics for pages he wants/ I can specify for him. Kind regards.


No, analytics are global and currently there are no plans on making it user-specific.

Kind regards,
Nikola R.

is it possible to sort the data as per ip ? i.e. 1st ip – all pages he visited then 2nd ip – all pages he viisted and so on for everyday ?

also is it compatible with latest wordpress version ?

Very nice – can or is there a way to convert the IP’s to company names if a company with a dedicated IP arrives?

Very disappointment in this plugin. I see nothing but BOTS and crawlers. I requested a refund. There should be an opinion to automatically ignore all visitors that stay less than 1 second. This would eliminate the bots from screwing up the analytics. I hope you understand that people use analytics services to find out how many visitors that had, not how many BOTS stopped by! In the plugins current state it is 100% unusable.

Buyer beware!! This plugin does nothing but record BOTS and crawlers! Left it running today after spending countless hours yesterday manually blocking 100’s of bot entries. Today I have 5 more pages of new BOTS. I’m done. The refund cant come fast enough! This plugin wouldn’t be so bad if the author took the time to enable a mechanism that filters out unnecessary data. Come on, seriously! Why in the hell are you selling an analytics plugin that records BOTS?? Envato should remove this from the market!!

hi there a pre-sales question .. i saw the demo admin area, the plugin are great! But for example i need to trace some logged users in a private area that looking some youtube video?

what do you think? .. i mean tracking the file or tracking only the page that have inside the video?



Tracking works only for posts / pages.

Kind regards, Nikola R.

ok so if i put a video in a post or page i can see how much time customer stay there right?

That is correct.

is it possible to determine the company that the visitor is visiting from based on their IP address?


No, that’s not possible.

Kind regards,
Nikola R.

Hi How can track the outgoing to links to other portals? My requirement is to get the statistics of out going links. In my portal, customers will post their own products and services. I just want to know how may clicks on their links getting in day, week and monthly wise. Please update me.