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Can this work as a client gateway to upgrade/downgrade services and perhaps even pay for it?

Your demo currently isn’t working. Can you get that fixed so I can take a look at possibly purchasing this item. tks


I’m a newbee, what difference between ‘provider’ and ‘hosting’ in your application? tks


made a request for installation problems, and got no answers. Maybe i should do it here.

Placed all file sin the root folder of domain name hosting, permitted /dat to 777. But when pulling the URL, the installer does not come up, only get a white page. \ Any help appreciated.


is this project dead? got no answers since u purchased…

Pre Purchase Question: Is it possible to add some kind of report-feature? For example “sales last month”, “sales last year” and so on?

And what about email-reminder when a domain is close to expire?

Hi, did your app support this:

- define specific views for specific user - users have their login e password - every user can have many services

and users can’t add new services? i need to provide just a view

The project is dead! Don’t buy it… And your questions will be not answered. Be there… done that… That’s too bad because it was looking good.

I purchased this and I got a response from the developer.he only said to check the error logs on the server. I did and nothing is wrong. After that he hasn’t replied. Project is definitely dead, if the developer will not update it might as well make it an opensource project, because this is such a good and useful project. There is not one like it out there. Sad to see it die like this. I regret purchasing this script.

Hi, in domain list, if we sort the list by expiry date, it didn’t sort by date, i check it in the demo you put also the same problem

Waste waste ooh waste

Can anyone tell me if it’s safe to run this script on a hostgator hosting? Just worried because potentially it will hold alot of usernames and passwords!

Wow, was looking at getting this and it looks like it’s been abandoned. Is that true?

All is well ! But there is no way to make the data | for MySQL (name, pass, user, port, address), Shell (user, pass, keypublic, address, port) no overlapping members. because in ftp and other services You can make multiple users. It will be ever?

looks nice but theres a major flaw in the arrangement of expiry dates. It arranges it according the first numbers for example 01/01/2020 goes before 20/10/2016 which wont show me the info as needed because I need to see the first expiring, not just seeing them by number :(

Nice software, i only miss for type of accounts that i can add dynamic fields. I would for example add “nameservers” for the domain that i see that or phpmyadmin with mysql etc but for that of course i would need custom fields with expiry reminder etc.

Is this still being supported?


stooni Purchased

it’s going and supported?

Hello i want to find out how to add a field to the existing database so i can add additionalformfields to the customers basic information form. I keepgetting error when i add field to the ws_customer table

Fai attenzione perchè un indiano recentemente ha messo in vendita su codecanyon un clone del tuo webstudio (modificato in parte come colori) spacciandolo per suo! ecco il link https://codecanyon.net/item/domain-hosting-management/19601419 Avrei voluto segnalarlo ad envato ma non sapevo come fare.


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Will be adding any NEW updates to your script? I can appreciate your efforts involved.