Web Smart Bot - Web Automation For Any Website

Web Smart Bot - Web Automation For Any Website

Web Smart Bot – Web Automation For Any Website!


Create any web automation in a few minutes!
Web Smart Bot is a creator of web automation! No programming knowledge needed!
You can create any web automation for any website. E.G, you can make in a few minutes a bot that generates traffic for your website, extracts data from another website (web scraping) or social engines traffic, facebook, twitter, instagram.
You can use these bots for your own use, also you can compile and sell them on your website.
These bots can easily imitate the work of human operators.

Download 2 days of testing! Archive password: codecanyon

Download Web Smart bot

Most important commands of Web Smart Bot!

  • navigate – browsing a specific website.
  • type text – enters your text in a field of a website.
  • click – clicks on a specific place of a website (banner, text, button).
  • wait – waits a number of seconds per page.
  • loop – repeats loop a specific number of times.
  • thread – starts multiple browsers simultaneously for more operations.
  • shell – auto runs your any file from computer.
  • clear cookie – deletes cookies from the current page.
  • clear cache – deletes cache from the current page.
  • change proxy – changes ip, sets a new proxy.
  • set user agent – sets a fake browser agent, chrome, firefox…
  • set referrer – sets a fake referrer url, facebook, twitter…
  • scrape attribute – extracts specific data, from any website.
  • allow images – allows or not to display images in browser.
  • Here you will find a complete list of commands

    Web Smart Bot Interface
    Web Smart Bot Free Plugins
    Web Smart Bot Premium Plugins
    Web Smart Bot Start
    Web Smart Bot Browser