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thank you very much for the update and the additional examples!

The “top-sticky-megamenu” example doesn’t seem to work correctly in Chrome 44 and Opera 30, though (=> Webkit on a Windows 7×64 system); the overlay also covers the off-canvas menu. I had to give the .header class a higher z-index to make this work. In Firefox 40 and IE 11 it works just fine out of the box.

Uupdated, Please Re-Check

Hm, the version I can download now is exactly the same that I already downloaded (2.4), no hint of another update. I checked it with a diff program.

Send email on gadhiya.raviraj@gmail.com, I send updated file..


wssb Purchased

Hi. Just purchased Extended license for my next project. Is it possible to create several menus on one page? Thanks

sorry, this feature not available yet.

Does this have a video tutorial where it shows how to use the product? Or does it have a “menu builder wizard”? or all customization is done by editing the code?

I am not very familiar with bootstrap and would like to know if I can work with these using Dreamweaver without knowing bootstrap.

I do not want to buy something that is too complicated and requires a lot of coding… thanks


Yes, we are providing help document files with purchase pack. (how to install menu in your website) but you require some html and css knowledge to implement this menu.

You will do following things. - Include provided css and js files in you html page - HTML code right place which i am indicating in help file

That is great. One more question. is the code w3c valid?

yes. it is w3c valid, you can check yourself by input url from below link


Hello, I have two questions about this. First of all, I’m trying to use a transparent menu. When the menu is resized to mobile, it has a dark background that I can’t get rid of. If I change the background color of the .header , the logo disappears.

Also, I noticed that on mobile, you can no longer click on the logo even though it is surrounded by an tag. Is it possible to change the background color of the menu on mobile and also keep the logo clickable? Thanks.


(1) You can change mobile small header color form ”.smallogo” this class
(2) Apply tag to mobile small logo to make it clickable.

if you need anything else send me your development link and send me support request from my profile page Thanks.

Hi there! I got a pre-sale question: In the demos the half menu is always positioned at the end. I’d like to know if it’s possible to position it let’s say in the middle for example. I’ve tried to do it via inspect element and no matter where I place the half menu it always opens at the right of the screen. Please let me know. Thank you!

Yes of course, it is possible. need to some code customize. check here to look at demo. http://designpsdtohtml.com/demo/

Nice work! Is it possible to add icon animation on hover (click on mobile) similar to this flatnav? http://codecanyon.net/item/flat-ui-navigation-mega-menu/full_screen_preview/5837705

yes, you can.

How? Do you have a guide or working code?

no, you can do yourself.

On mobile, the dropdown remains down/open. How do we make the dropdown scroll up after x secs?

Send me your development link and describe me more… send mail from my profile page..

Does the full width menu support iframe where an entire page can be displayed in the menu iframe

yes, include all files in iframe..

I really like this menu however I need to ask you a couple of questions before buying it: 1 – On the megamenu dropdowns how hard would it be to have the titles in each column as toggle buttons on the mobile menu. This would make it a lot more tidy if you have a lot of content in the megamenus.

2 – When you resize the browser to a mobile width you can see the mobile menu for a split second before gets hidden… not a major thing I know but would that be possible to get fixed?

Many thanks!

this facility not available yet.. Thanks


Testing the off canvas menu… so far 2 questions.

1. How do I change the color of the menu trigger? 2. How do I move the menu trigger? At the moment its on top right corner. I want to move it a little to the left.

Yes, you can customize it. send me email form my profile page. I send you instruction.

Hi, We like your menu but just one feature its missing is “Vertical tab menu” like this http://codecanyon.net/item/mash-mega-menu-bootstrap/full_screen_preview/12141322 Would buy it straight away if you can include this feature in your menu ….. Thanks

Unfortunately, this feature not available yet.

Hello, Yesterday I bought your WebSlideMenu . My main interest is in the off -canvas menu. I wonder if you can view the menu with mouse-over instead of a click on the menu icon . Grateful.


I like the plugin a lot, the best I have seen, and the demos out of the box for sticky header is awesome..!

One issue though, I had to tweak your z-indexes to get it to play nice with the Foundation 5 Framework properly.

It did my head in for a while problem solving what the issue was but I got there and am very happy.

The fix was to up your z-indexes by 1.

Cheers and thanks for a great plugin..!


Thanks for your kind wording… I will try to fixed this small bug in next uploaded version.. new updated version available soon.. Stay updated with us… if you like my item please give me 5 star rating…

You’re welcome…I would give you a 6 if I could..!


Hi, I really like the menu and am planning to buy it, I just need one info – is this combination possible in your menu: top sticky menu with dropdowns (desktop) that becomes Slide down toggle menu (on click) for mobile? Thanks!

Yes, but if require need to make adaptations.

What kind of modification? Do we need to make some big changes?

For more infomation mail me form my profile page http://codecanyon.net/user/webthemex

Is it possible to modify IE8 Compatible

Some functionality may be not works properly in ie8.

Hi i just purchased your menu i love it excellent job, i just want to ask how to hide the main menu when i clicked something on it using a mobile device? Please advice thank you.

i send you email.

Great menu!! Just wondering: why is the real example not included in the download?

it is third party website theme.. and it’s not give me this type of permission. thanks

How does this compare to your other product. http://codecanyon.net/item/web-slide-app-style-responsive-megamenu/10328032 ,

I am looking for a version that does not rely on bootstrap. Your demos show bootstrap still loading on this version

Send me private message form my profile page with more describe. http://codecanyon.net/user/webthemex

On the “Real example” I can see the off-canvas menu flashing when resizing the browser window (FF and Chrome) which decreases UX – is this fix-worthy? rgds

i am trying to finding problem. but didn’t find it.. can you give me more detail with screenshot or video capture by sending email form my profile page. https://codecanyon.net/user/webthemex


I checked the demo and it’s great. Have just one presale question. I want to use this menu onl u on Mobile and tablet devices and not on desktops or laptops. So, is there any option to use this menu only on Mobile devices while using the default theme menu on desktop and laptop devices at the same time.