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Hi! Just purchased the plugin and getting the hang of it. Where can I modify the opacity of the black overlay… my page has a lot of information and I need it to be darker when the tour launches. Thanks!


Please open a support request here: joomlaforce.com/support

Also, trying to download the language pack to do tours in spanish, found a lot of broken inks in your website… please advise.

I’m trying to use a menu item to be highlited by a tooltip as part of the tour… read all of the documentation and couldn’t find an answer on how to add a “title attribute” from a wordpress menu item…

Where’s the “never show again” function?

I tried, system shows no products when trying to create a ticket… Big Bug… A lot going on with your website. Please answer them here. Thanks!


I was able to make a ticket… I still think all of these questions benefit everyone, If you can answer them here it would be great!


Hi, the support system is ZOHO ticket external service. For our internal purpose where we exchange private data we need to continue in that system. We have received your ticket and we reply soon. Thanks

Well, I will ask again. Are there plans to update this plugin? It’s been over a year since you updated it here. And will it work on the backend if you do update it?

I would purchase but I’m tired of buying things that aren’t getting updated. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this thought.

I wonder if this Plugin will enable me to provide a guided walkthrough in the WordPress Admin-Dashboard for new authors?

not at moment

Please, for support requests. use our ticket system:


I’m looking at getting this, but I’m not sure if it will be the right fit. Is there any trial period before buying or a refund policy?

Hi, thanks for contacting us. We are sorry, there is not trial period. After you read all features and description you can buy, and if plugin have some bug to fix in your site for the features described and not other and we are not able to fix we will send refund.


Can the tour span across multiple pages?

Hi, sorry for delay. Yes it can

Good day,

Does this plugin support 4.9.2 and higher?

Because it appears you have not updated it since 4.5.2

Thank you

But someone posted the below message in the review of this plugin

“What a terrible decision it was to make this purchase. Absolutely horrible decision. The last version of WordPress this plugin is reported to be compatible with is 4.5.2. Current WordPress version is 4.9.2. How are these guys even allowed to sell a “premium” plugin thats this out of date? I get free plugins lagging with updates but this is a paid for product that’s still being sold and that absolutely does not work with the current version of WordPress. Stuff like this pissess off. Don’t charge people for stuff that doesn’t work. I will be seeking a refund. Stay away from this pile of garbage. Absolutely does NOT work. What a waste, I will be seeking a refund. Bad buggy looking code, zero documentation, links n their site don’t work. I’m now on a mission to spread the word about what a pile of garbage this product is. What a joke.

So disgruntled”

Hi, 1. The documentation is under the zip folder of plugin purchase and else i remember to all users that codecanyon not approve and publish seller plugins if they have not in the zip. Other Documentation for WBST can be found here: https://www.joomlaforce.com/websitetourbuilder-documentation/ where you can find how to find wrapper id to assign step positions

2. Other users have recently purchased and in 99% it work very fine. So can happen in the life that someone is not satisfied….

3. We offer alway our support and as you see i reply very fast. Our support is here: https://www.joomlaforce.com/support

Also our police as indicated in our terms and condition is that if for some reason in your site there are some conflict and not work as described in our product page and we are not able to fix, we send refund.

And i Remember that there are many other users that love this and all our extensions..


Okay. Thank you

Okay. Thank you

Hi. Having trouble getting this going. I’ve created a ticket(#304). Can I get some help please?

Hi, we have replied without your responce.

I bought the license, but I’m finding when I install the plugin on my website I am given a vastly different, and much less adaptable admin panel for the tour pages. I can set the tours up, but all of the positioning and visual adjustment sliders and settings aren’t showing up. It’s making the plugin basically unusable. Is there a way to turn these on? if not is is possible to get a refund?

Hi, please for support open a ticket here: https://www.joomlaforce.com/support/

and send us backend access to test your configuration please. Thanks

I can’t give you backend access since the work is for a client but I will open up a ticket