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Support site is DOWN. Is this plugin still being supported??

Hi, please for support do not post here, we have our support system where our staff can reply you on office time. Open a ticket on http://support.joomlaforce.com. Our Staff can help you soon. Thanks

Don’t think you really read my message—feels like an auto-responder. The support site is DOWN. Is this plugin still supported???

Sorry for this. About your question yes the plugin is still supported for who have a valid subscription until 6 month. Anyway now our support site seems ok.

Hello, I have a question before you buy, the screenshots I did not see any configuration in order to mark the places that the tour show on the site, for example in the demo, I saw this option:


As the marking is done when you want to highlight something in my sidebar? or even in the footer of our site … making a tour on the same page?

Hi, you can highlight any element on the page by specifying an id or a class or a name of your page. You can highlight multiple elements on the same page as for steps. For each step one element.

bought the plugin..gives fatal error to activate the plugin!! terrible code packaging..now have to debug their code!?

Thanks for taking it on to fix the plugin and install it on my instance of WP in a quick 24 hour turnaround!! great support!

Is this plugin still supported ? The comments are not very attractive…. Could you please put a TEST ADMIN demo online so that way we’ll be able to see if this is working or not.

Hi, the plugin is supported as well.

You can find our demo to test frontend. We do not provide backend demo for internal purpose.

Also as you can see from the comment we provide full support also in less than 24 hours if needed.

Best Regards

I submitted a ticket 4 days ago after I purchased this. Its not working or appearing in multisite

Hi, sorry for delay, our office is closed in the weekend. Now we have replied to your ticket. Thanks a lot for your order, our staff will make all the best to help you !

There is no documentation that relates to using this in Wordpress, Your documentation, as little as it is, is for Joomla. This totally sucks and is no help at all. If you are going to sell to a Wordpress audience you need to provide Wordpress documentation and even a walkthrough.

Hello, for any type of request you can open a ticket here: http://support.joomlaforce.com

We will be happy to help you.

Feature requests:

1) Autoplay tour. Stop if the user hovers on top of highlighted ID/DIV etc. Retain Control buttons so the user can move back or forward in the tour.

2) Option for a solid background behind the tour text. Sometimes it can be difficult to read the associated text next to the ID / DIV element.

3) Future version: Possibly add option for audio alongside the tour elements?

Best regards, Michael

2) You could also consider some kind of tooltip option to make the informative text more clear.

Hi Mnl83, many thanks for your suggestions. We will consider as sure for future release. We will improve the plugin always, Thanks again

I’m interested in the plugin. Your website however is throwing security risk warning. Please fix so I can test. Thanks!

Hi, yes sorry. For this reason we have changed our server and we are fixing all risk warning. Thank you very much.

This plugin doesn’t work.

1. I create a simple page with wp with only three plugins activated to prevent conflicts. 2.If you add the shortcode in tinymce editor all the content is removed. Eg:

Test1 Test2 [websitetour id=”16265”]

Test1 & Test2 doesn’t appear when you open page.

So, you have to load the lightbox using other way, I spent one hour trying to load and finally achieve it.

3. Now the lightbox loads but: Steps are like a mess: Modal: works partially, draggable button doesn’t appear, width and position doesn’t work, only appears the modal with text, then when jump to next modal , prev. and next buttons doesn’t work. So you can’t use this type The other types are worse, if you try to highlight something the overlay is completely broken and the texts doesn’t appear.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Usually most of problem that you have mentioned are for a non good configuration of plugin selectors. Anyway for support please open a support ticket in our system here: http://support.joomlaforce.com with private backend access so we will help you. Please let us know Thanks Again Best Regards

Hello, I am interested in buying a plugin of this style, but I see your demo website is not working. There is a link to see the plugin running?

Hello. Where can I find some “Configuring Instructions for WordPress”? http://www.joomlaforce.com/user-documentation/web-site-tour-builder.html – doesn’t work for me. It is for Joomla. Also http://support.joomlaforce.com is down a few days. I bought your plugin and have no opportunity to contact You for help. It’s a bit disappointing. I hope that You will solve these 2 problems. I’m waiting for your answer. Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. All Wordpress Plugin in Codecanyon have documentation inside zip folder. The link you mention is for Joomla right but have the same logic in the step configurations.

Our support link is changed to https://support.zoho.com/portal/joomlaforce/home, so please open a ticket with all details for backend and tell me te errors so we can help you.

Sorry for trouble but we are always here for support. Thanks

Hey Guys. I wrote a ticket: https://support.zoho.com/portal/joomlaforce/ticket/115 And I’m waiting for Your response

Hi, sorry for delay. I have replied. Thanks

shortcode isnt working

this plugin doesnt work at all.

this plugin should have featured a demo tour. you can sell more if you did. Your directions are also horrible

Hi, our support link is https://support.zoho.com/portal/joomlaforce/home, so please open a ticket with all details for backend and tell me te errors so we can help you.

Hi, works in admin area ?

Hi, not at moment. We will develop in future release. Thanks


KZeni Purchased

Support site (http://support.joomlaforce.com/?envato_item_id=9495494) appears to be down again.


KZeni Purchased

By the way, this is the URL given by the “Go to item support” button on https://codecanyon.net/item/web-site-tour-builder-for-wordpress/9495494/support


KZeni Purchased

I seem to have found a bug which I came across with my specific use case.

I have Display As set to “AutoStart on Load” with the first step type being “Modal”. Now, Modal has the content shown within the middle of the page (rather than the middle of the window/viewport), and this is fine when the window scrolls to the modal overlay. Unfortunately, it appears having a Modal step shown as the first item with AutoStart on Load leaves it in the middle of the page and isn’t actually scrolled to. This results in the first step showing an overlay that the visitor needs to scroll down to see on a longer page.

I’d love to see this addressed in a future version since I’m sure there’s people out there wanting the first step to use that modal overlay for the welcome screen and have it be scrolled to so the page isn’t just darkened without any content shown when it’s first loaded by visitors.

Let me know if you need any additional screenshots or information to help resolve this bug. Thanks for your time!

Hi, our support link is https://support.zoho.com/portal/joomlaforce/home. Please open a ticket with all details.

gravity form’s field support? i want this plugin to indicate gravity form’s specific field.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. WSTB work in frontend and it can be anchored to any html element as long as the html element in the code has an id, a name or a class. Thanks

I bought and it is not working.

support is not working

Hi, The support is provided by ZOHO Platform used by milion of users in all world.

Other users use this regulary and other has opened ticket. Please try again.

Also you can write email directly from our contact form here: http://joomlaforce.com/contact-us/joomlaforce/send-a-mail.html

PS: we have tested and it work.

The website is working, but when I try to creat an account and put the password, didn’t work. I will send an e-mail directly to this link above. Thanks!

Support website not working! Please advise!

Hi as indicated in other comments our support was moved to this link: https://support.zoho.com/portal/joomlaforce/home.


It’s not letting me register. Can you give me a refund?

Hi, before refund please read our terms. if we cannot fix or assist we send you refund. So please send us an email to support [[at]] joomlaforce.com Thanks

Hi, does this plugin work for backend tour also?

Thank you very much for contacting us.

This feature is not yet available.

Are there plans to update this plugin? Seems the support links provided don’t go to where you claim they go.