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didn’t get u..i dint blame anyone for any got me all wrong….

What is my crime
Does not have requirements product page
If you added the requirement
I did not buy
Now what am I going to do?

i added nothing about requirements.. if people keep buy digital stuff and ask refund with different excuses ..tricky part is they ill have refunded money with digital stuff then they can use it free of cost… if your hosting providers disable few features after hosting this script…what is my fault… i m here support for script bugs and fixes.. not for hosting support…i just can suggest only about hosting.. i ill not keep repeating it further sir…i just developed the stuff and place here to sell and support.. if you have problem further you can contact envato team .. thank you..


Your mistake I want my money back

your request sent to team wait for resolution..thanks

How long they wait?

depends on envato team response i can’t say…i referred them the refund issue.if they find refund claim is right then you ‘ill get..thanks

hi, your script don’t run i iphone is it normaly ?

ios and android app ill be use as addon of this script (buy additionally).currently i cant promise update by any date…thanks

ok but for your update is it one day, one week, one moth, one year ?

i am already in middle of other it ill take time for me cause i don’t have any team i work individually…thanks

Is it possible to make revenue out of this App.? This app is like a TuneIn. I am waiting for the Android and iOS.

yeah…it ill take little time to update with app…as i already engage with other projects..

I wrote you message directly and waiting for your answer 3 days already.

sorry if u didn’t get my message…i got your suggestion… stay connected for update..thanks

Some soon update? I need that this portal can ceate only for one country radio stations, and there is no ganeres or categories. I need there is no users option, i need only admin can add stations…

hopefully next update in next month..


eevesou Purchased

I want my money back

Which kind problem you facing during install..check doc..for help. Or ask me about any help..

Refund request ill accept in valid and severe case..check item page …thanks


eevesou Purchased

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eevesou Purchased

We have add you


eevesou Purchased

Our skype is: contato.virtues e-mail:


eevesou Purchased

Our skype is: contato.virtues e-mail:

Hi, can you tell me the server requirement to run this script and can I change the image background? Regards

no specific server requirement..just need php version 5.6+ or 7 for image change you have to do manually… interface is not provided for such action…thanks

The app isn’t taking all stream urls. The streamurl format is invalid. Even if it’s the correct url.

Thanks that one is working now but with the others it’s difficult

I found out Internet explorer is playing the streams correctly and Chrome tells users the station is offline. Maybe you can do something with this information?

thanks for info..i ‘ll fix and update this soon..


graaztv Purchased

Fantastic program but it MUST be run with PHP 5.6 or higher. It won’t work other wise. Still has a few bugs and misspellings, but easily fixed if you know a bit of PHP.


send me your email address so i can reply.. i got bounce error when i replied to your request.. thanks

all radio streaming is handle by jplayer…u can check it. .

Hi, the update is for when thank you :)


Hi man :) upgrade ?

:) what is soon for you thank you for your reply :) thank’s man :)

hi it’s possible to translate info french ?

we have this message : Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

i checked.. some configuration found i fixed…check it again.. thanks

hi thank, please send me in email , admin link

where can you get the stream url for a schoutcast?

get from listen.pls file

tengo problemas para correr este streaming

So this item is no longer supported? This item’s author support through email contact form. Take me to Item Support Good and nothing of support ….

Good! I already have some age with some deviation from view but then I did not see the sidebar ok. Maybe with a support video you’ll see. The video in this link: the site here:

Hello once again I have spent 8 days and I do not get any kind of response from the author I ask again this intem support? If yes I would like you to analyze the video that I have already attached in the previous post.

sir, i appreciate patience but i sent email regarding this if you didn’t get then sorry.On modifying view may be few code messed with width of template from your side.still on my screen it render perfectly..

hi, where is your update ?

under process.. it ill take time,, :)


When I try put a streaming type Radionomy, the page say: “The streamurl format is invalid.”

Is there any way to be able to put Radionomy type streamings?

Thank you. Greetings,

Uhmm I wanna say if for example can work a streaming how this:

I do not know php codes, just know if in your web portal I can also add this type of radio stations.

this link redirect to some other link …put exact link of source server…

The URL that should be put is that. If you open this with VLC work fine. They are “swing load” servers. For this appears, for example: but the thing is that when you put the first URL you can open it well.

Sorry my bad english :(

Thanks for all.