Discussion on Web Printer (for any sites)

Discussion on Web Printer (for any sites)

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Does it support qr barcode

Does it support qr barcode? Can the language be translated into other languages? Can changes be made to the content? can we do this, if not, you just give my exe file


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Can you please help me to understand if we can print using our own pos application ?

hello. it is a system designed for silent printing from a browser. why do you need this application if you have your own? or do you need a library to embed in your application?

Hi, I have a PHP Laravel Web POS Application which has multiple printer requirement. Example:- Invoice Thermal Print & Kitchen Order Terminal Print (KOT Print). when ever Invoice print on printer 1 same time another Print will also send to another printer for KOT Will this work adding Multiple Printer?

hello. I apologize for the very long answer, if the question is relevant, write to

Hello I have a multiple restaurant web system and apps will this be useful for the restaurant owner when a new order comes it print automatically on any Bluetooth printer ?

hello. I apologize for the very long answer, if the question is relevant, write to

You are amazing really, after all the delay and you didnt give me any answer Thanks anyway

Hi few questions:
1. if a printer isn’t specified will it print to default printer
2. Is JQUERY a depency or can it do with vanilla JS
3. Can we specify number of prints, margins, font size etc
4. is this dependant on internet explorer print engine?
Looking forward to buy. Thanks

hello. I apologize for the very long answer, if the question is relevant, write to

Question before purchase: I would like to use your system to print my orders from my Bubble web app.

hello. I apologize for the very long answer, if the question is relevant, write to

Hello, My POS is cloud-based, I’ve three POS terminals, which are on the same ethernet network, and the 3 computers share a POS printer, can I set up Web Printer (for any sites) to enable printer sharing

hello. I apologize for the very long answer, if the question is relevant, write to

hi, can you cutomize for apps on internet, for example php apps?

Hello. I don’t do CMS setup.

php uses html and javascript (or jquery), which means you can easily set up a printer if you own html and javascript (or jquery).

Still waiting on support feedback

Do you already have a website set up? You sent a link to WooCommerce.

My query was based on the use of this solutions with woocommerce POS by actuality extensions. I tried to add the script but i did not want to break the site as it was in production and i was not sure i edited the correct php file

I am a .Net developer. php I don’t remember wordpress. I take it you already have html markup? How do you generate it? First you need to deal with this. And then add the script. This is not a plugin for Wordpress.

Hi, This is a pre-purchase question. May you software print on specific labels from GoDex 500 printer? I can send to you label image and label dimensions by mail. Thank you

Hello. Sorry for the very long answer)) Yes, it is possible. I need to try to print, I need a sample.

HI, how you mean you need a sample? Printer and Label?

Hello, Do you sell source code or only installation file?

Thank you

is there number of computers limitation? how many computers we can use this program in a single license? What about source code, if we want to purchase it what its cost?

Hello. The license is purchased once and can be used on all computers without restrictions. We do not sell source code.

can you contact me ?

Hello. answered.

Is it possible to configure to print without clicking the button?

Hello. Yes. To do this, you need an event to appear (for example: jquery ready – will print on page load, or any other event)

The receipt is printed in any language and any characters.

after buying your executable, is it possible for you to show me how to do this automatic adjustment?

There are 2 versions of the program: 1. If you cannot edit the html code (a photo of your receipt is generated and sent for printing – (works slower) 2. If you can edit html markup. There is a sample with a description in the documentation. (works fast).

In any case, if there are questions with the setting – please contact.

hi, works on localhost or also from an application in the cloud??

Hello. yes, the program is designed for local use of printing checks, tickets, etc. But if necessary, you can print on the server (but on the server, revision is needed for the programmer)

Hello, if i configure it with your jquery library for my website and anyone that prints from that website who installed the windows software can print fast without the default chrome popup? If Yes i will buy but also need documentation.

Also can you tell me what your library does exactly?

Hello. We are currently preparing an update for the program. jquery calls the socket and passes the print data to the program. there you need to write a couple of lines.

Yes, there is silent printing without additional windows. You only need to edit the html file.


Will this work with openpos which is woocommerce pos Web based.


You must have access to the html file to edit it and include the jquery library. That’s all it takes.

Is it possible to customise the desktop for my needs , is the code clean and well documented ?

Hello. Works only under Windows, how to understand “customize the desktop”? We do not transfer the source code, upon purchase you will receive a working program. Update and detailed documentation will be delivered today or tomorrow.

I need help installing please contact

Hello. Sent a reply to the mail.

HI, I’ve sent you two email and I didn’t get any answer!!!

Hello. Answered both letters. Just got a letter again and answered it. Can you give me your mail?

here is my email:

Sent a test email. Let me know if it doesn’t arrive. Replied to this email before, check your spam.


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