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preserves sound power point (music, effects, etc)?

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I will check it and let you know ASAP.

I double-checked the issue. Looks like the audio file format issn´t supported for converting. Which kind of audio format is used there?

or you use Transition sound which is also not supported yet. Just try to add the sound on the first slide as example.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you! :)

Hi, you state that Powerpoint is required for use with this app. Now… We will obviously have Powerpoint to create our presentations, but how does this app communicate/integrate with Powerpoint or does it integrate at all? Do you say this just to highlight the fact that we must have a Powerpoint presentation, or does the app actually require communication with Powerpoint? I hope the question is clear. Many thanks

Web Presenter communicate with installed PowerPoint. It means: PowerPoint must be installed on same computer where Web Presenter should convert your presentations.

Hi, Is there a way to change the transition between the slides ? Seems a little fast and dizzy for my taste.



Yes, the spped of the animation from silde to silde.

We will figure this out. I keep you in touch.

We work on v2 and it will come with a Player API and extended jQuery Plugin settings. There we also add a solution to set the speed. I hope it help

double post?

Hi, I purchased and tried to use Web Presenter but :

1) The converted file does not recognize / support internal Hyperlinks and buttons although it says it will. The buttons show but the hyperlink does not work. I’m using PowerPoint 2010

2) How do I embed Web Presenter file into Wordpress?

“Web Presenter supports internal Hyperlinks which allow to create interactive presentations. The results comes with a great presenter jquery plugin to easy incooperate the presentations into any website, WordPress site or as well as stand-alone web player.”

1) We tested internal Hyperlinks and it works well. Can you may contact us on email (just write a private message to get the email) and provide us a link of your converting results. May also the presentation as downlaod is helpful.

2) Just put the HTML/JS code to your wordpress page.

How do I leave you a private message? I tried again but still the same results. When I click anywhere on the first slide it goes to page 2 instead of page 3. Thanks

best send us on email

Anyway to post this app to a Linux box and display it in a PHP or HTML etc and access it online????

You mean the output? It comes with a jQuery Player and can be as well used with PHP etc.

Hey I know someone asked about this before but I wanted to ask it a bit more clearly, and maybe things have changed since then anyway.

You said it requires ppt. So if I attempt to view a presenter presentation on a wordpress website using my cell phone, I’d need to have ppt on my cell phone for this to work?

No. Just for converting is Powerpoint installed required.

does it work on powerpoint 2013 ?

Yes it should also work with PowerPoint 2013

Hi deLaire. does converted .exe file also required MS powerpoint to run?

No. The output not need any powerpoint anymore.

i would like to ask if it is work Open Office Impress?

How can I convert powerpoint to exe files and keep the sound? My file works well when I convert to html but it doesnt work when I convert to .exe file.

Hi, I have purchased your Web Presenter and it seems doesn’t work with Office 2016. It says office is not installed. Could you help?

Hi, Can I see a demo. Getting a 404 error

Your application does not follow the hyperlinks in Powerpoint 2016 but rather follows the slide sequence 1,2,3,4 etc. This needs fixed as a basic priority.

presentatation converting eror : error: the given path´s format is not supported

hi have this msge presentatation converting eror : error: the given path´s format is not supported

Hi Just converted my first powerpoint … Its fantastic, however is there anyway to stop the animation between the slides… i.e… moving to the right and moving back in?

HI, I really like the product, however, I have found that is missing some of the animations, is there something I need to set up with this?

Is there a way to stop the slides moving in and out of the screen and maybe just have a fade transition?

Hope you can help