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Hi Thanks for the update – It’s Very hard to find the support link on CodeCanyon and your site’s contact form is not working…

The requested page does not exists on Searching for expression 'webgrabber-wordpress-plugin?name=REMOVED&email=REMOVED&message=It%27s+great+to+see+an+update+for+the+Web+Grabber+Wordpress+Plugin+%3A-%29%0D%0A%0D%0AThe+proxy+use+may+answer+one+concern+that+I+had+and+that+is+whether+the+scraping+of+the+plugin+would+s' returned the following results:

So I’ll post it here as a comment….

It’s great to see an update for the Web Grabber Wordpress Plugin :-)

The proxy use may answer one concern that I had and that is whether the scraping of the plugin would show as a visit from my website in the scraped sites analytics?

For Example: Google Analytics shows me the most popular websites that are sending me traffic. I was concerned that the site I am scraping would see lots of traffic from and see I was manipulating their information.

PS. There is no link at CodeCanyon to your Changelog page.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for your nice words and for the notification regarding our website.
Regarding proxy, the feature is to avoid IP banning from a certain grabbed website. If a proxy list is used used, the scrapping process will be like the proxy IP is making the request and your IP will not be considered at all.

Is it possible to grab real estate listings from a site like to import this to custom post types? Thanks.

Yes, the indicated website can be processed by the plugin. Anyway, it will be your responsibility to build the proper shortcode in order to include the desired information in within your site. Also, please pay attention to the website terms and conditions if they allow to grab content.

Is there a way to be more specific or call the content differently and therefore cut down on the load times?

[webgrab url=’' tag=’div id=”special”}’]

I’m afraid I did not understand what “more specific” refers to. To reduce the load time, you can use the cache attribute inside the shortcode. The cache is expressed in minutes.

Is there a way to remove links? After pulling in the information from the other site, the link urls have changed, so when the link is selected it goes to a 404 page because we are not pulling in the individual pages for each link. I’d rather the link stay the same as in the original information with perhaps target=”_blank” entered to open in a new tab

url of page:

So, I guess that makes three questions.

  1. Is it possible to leave the link urls as original?
  2. If not, is it possible to remove the links but not the information?
  3. If possible to leave the link as original, is there a way to make it open in a new window?

Thanks so much for a great plugin and the help.

Hello and thank you for purchasing!
The answer to all three questions is yes. Please send us an email with your shortcode you developed so far and what you are trying to accomplish and we will try to guide you further.
Thank you.

I have sent an email with the follow up information using the contact form on your website. Thanks again for your help.

We received it.
Please give us some time to analyse it and we will contact you back.

hi i was grabing a site i do it yesterday it worked fine but today it brings the same results as yesterday . I checked the other site the text has changed why is doing that?

It is because the default cache is set to one day. If you want to disable caching feature and always have the actual fresh content just add cache=’0’ attribute to your shortcode.

hi i solved it was the cache but how i can clear the cache automatic?

If you want to disable caching feature and always have the actual fresh content just add cache=’0’ attribute to your shortcode.


Would it be possible to pull in the content of this page:

Its php based and hooked into a database.

Thanks, Matt

The indicated page can be processed by the plugin; it will be your responsibility to create the proper shortcode and also please make sure that you are allowed to grab content from there.

You really make it seem so easy with your demonstration but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would not able understand.

If you can provide a fully functional sample that I can open and edit on my site, or just just tell me how to remove unwanted items like WiseLoop Bunners from the page as I market on screenshot?

Let say I want to grub Web Grabber WordPress Plugin description from CodeCanyon’s

So I use a shortcode:
[webgrab .... tag='{div class="item-description"}]

and the plugin did the job just fine, but the problem is there is information about your other products that I didn’t buy yet:( so I want to remove it or, better yet, not to grub it.

Those unwanted items i marked on the screenshots in red color. Can you tell me the right shortcode to remove or replace items without unique teg? In dom they marked:

                   <strong a="" img="" don="" want="" it="" ......="">

Here is html code:

<p><p><strong>Other WiseLoop top software products:</strong></p></p>
<p><a href=""></p>
<p><img src=""></a></p>

You must use the tag removal feature to get rid of the unwanted content. This feature is accessible through the rtag attribute of the shortcode; here are some explanations about it:
Good luck!

Hello and thank you for buying,
Just use the [webgrab] shortcode to embed the desired content in within your page. Check the documentation in order to see how to use it. If you still have difficulties, you can send us a support request by mail from our codecanyon profile page:
Good luck!

Hi, I was looking at your example, especially example 2, the one with the remove tag, how come you tell it to remove the options div, but down in the example, the div with it’s content is still there ?

It was because the source page has changed its DOM structure since the first shortcode was built. Now, another shortcode was made.
Thank you so much for your notification!

I cant manage to get this to work for what I was hoping it would. Is there a way I can email you for assistance?

Hello and thank you for buying
You can send us a message from our envato profile page.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your Web Grabber for Wordpress but have a few prepurchase questions.

We are currently subscribing to a RealEstate website that provides us with the latest homes that have been “sold/for sale” within a neighborhood and we would like to change and hide some of the content included on the “template” they gives us (its quite ugly, although their info is relevant, we want to change some things)

Here is the site we want to extract: (and yes we have full permition from them to do make these changes… they are actually curious to see how we can make this work as this has been requested by other customers as well.) We are currently trying to implement this by placing The RealEstate Updates Section that comes from inside an iframe, We hide the top banner and bottom footer, and contrain the site to a w x h we like, and it looks great…. however it doesnt work too good, as we run into troubles when we try to navigate any of the house links (iframe wont resize and we cant exit the pop up window) Please let me know if i will be able to use your plugin to present the info properly on my site and if all links will work.

Thanks Fred

I don’t think that our plugin can help on this one or it is very hard to do it because the link are made using JavaScript and no easy direct parsing and transformation of the links are possible.

Hello WiseLoop

have both grabbing solutions from you. on my first website the script works great. but with the following codeblock i have problems.

<table> <tr> <td><span /></td> <td><span /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><span /></td> <td><span>Needed Content</span></td> </tr> <tr> <td><span /></td> <td><span /></td> </tr> </table>

the span contains a bgcolor=”” property. can you help me to extract the needed content single td only.

thanks in advanced R.

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message using our envato profile page.
Thank you so much!

Works great. Brilliant Script! Thanks a lot.

Thank you! Please rate it!


Before I buy…

Can you tell me if I can Shortcode in a Template (ex. index.php)?

Like <?php echo do_shortcode(“[shortcode]”); ?> ?

Did work with: <?php echo do_shortcode(” [webgrab url=’' tag=’{p class=”intro”}’]”); ?>

Thanks, A

Hello and thank you for getting in touch,
This is a very good question indeed and the answer is YES you can put a webgrab do_short code inside a php template file.

[webgrab url=’' tag=’{div class=”block_competition_tables real-content clearfix ” id=”page_competition_1_block_competition_tables_8”}’ ]

Hello Submitted a query through support however no response received.

Using the above shortcode can someone please explain (if it is possible) how to: 1. Remove some columns (last 5 matches and H2H) 2. Unlink the linked content 3. Remove “compare two teams” “championship round” and “relegation round”

If you could post a revised shortcode with the above amendments I would be extremely grateful as I haven’t been able to figure how to do these things.

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for purchasing our product,
We received your email; please give us some time to check it out and we’ll get back to you asap.
Meanwhile, please check our support policy here:

Thank you for your acknowledgement. The shortcode above is actually different to the emailed one. I prefer if you could respond using the above shortcode and queries if that is ok? Thank you, appreciated.

You need to use the extended post-processing features of the plugin by employing some additional attributes inside your shortcode. I believe the following shortcode will do the job and answer all the questions:

[webgrab url='' tag='page_competition_1_block_competition_tables_8'  stag1='a href' rtag0='page_competition_1_block_competition_tables_8_subnav' rtag1='form nosort' rtag2='class="form"' rtag3='compare' rtag4='zones-legend']
Please checkout the documentation for understanding and more information.

Hello I am trying to grab all the content on a website that was built in php and move it over to wordpress. Can this plugin go through all the pages automatically and grab the content and images and create new posts and pages?

Unfortunately not. The plugin was designed to be used inside existing WordPress posts or pages.
Good luck with your migration!


I have used the webgrabber for a project and it looks great on a desktop however am getting an error message via a mobile/cell phone saying “div class not found”

Have sent an email via support, thanks.


I just found that this pugin created a lot of cache file and i would like to know may have any easy way to remove these file instead of delete via ftp server? there are 2xxx files so far.. LOL

Hello and thank you for buying,
Lots of cache files can be created indeed. We will consider your suggestion in the next releases of the plugin.
Thank you so much!

Hi, so I’m having a bit of trouble on a site with the plugin. [webgrab url=’' tag=’{div id=”post-1784”}’] I’m trying to get the content of a specific post from the homepage, but I get Tag not found.

The div is there, inside the content one, if I choose to get the content it works, but it would a lot of work to remove the extra content. Do you have any ideas as to why it fails ?


Hello and thank you for buying,
The search inside a page is string based so you should try to match an exact string. Please try this:

[webgrab url=’' tag=’id=”post-1784”’]

Can this plugin steal post into database?

Hello and thank you for getting in touch,
No. The plugin was designed to be used inside existing WordPress posts or pages.