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Very nice item good job

Love it. I’m searching for something like this for Wordpress… do you plan something like that? Or can I simply integrate these Buttons into a wordpress widget?

Hi, yes we’re planning to make WordPress plugin. It won’t take much time to do it, so I think in a next few days we will release it.

I love it! How can I make the Facebook icon to stay blue all the time (active) instead of grey. Thanks in advanced!

Use background-color not background.

Perfect! Thank you so much. I really love it :)

You’re welcome. ;)

I’m hosting font files elsewhere, because I can’t host them on Blogger. Icons work except in FireFox. After some trouble shooting I realized that firefox want “fontello.ttf” file to be hosted locally, if you host is remotely then it doesn’t work. Here is a link to the same font on Google drive:


I even tried to host CSS and fonts in the same place and remotely access CSS, but it still doesn’t work. http://sugarbasil.co.nf/style/css/icons.css

I figured out the problem. FireFox does not download fonts if they are on the different server. You need to allow access in .htacess file

Ok, great.

Great stuff! Any way to change the size of the buttons?

Hi, it’s possible but unfortunately you need to do it manually.

How to make these icons smaller by about 30%. Could you please specify the quickest way to edit it?

Hi, only manually by changing height and width of icon. I tried to use CSS3 to do it, but I got some bugs so I left this idea.

Hi, can you add a Sharethis icon to the set?

Hi, sorry but I’m not planning any updates soon.


Is it possible to have a transparent background? Not white – but actually clear?


Yes, remove background value from .social-icons li a

I love the product, thanks! Over a year ago you stated you did not plan to make any updates…Is that still true? I am looking for a yelp icon…I have all the icons I need in your set except yelp (Please don’t ask, this website has become the bane of my existence. Gorgeous, clean design and their “social media” consultants are destroying it…)

It should be easy. Just get that icon in png then make a css class for it like the other icons have but instead of “content” set “background”.

Hi, I buyed your Social Icons. On added them to the development Project and I habe a Problem with the Mobile View. The Icons where moved to far on the right (https://i.imgur.com/Hop9ssA.png). On the normal Desktop View it’s correct (https://i.imgur.com/SrvE4fT.png). Check it here on the footer please: http://kunden-bbfdesign.de/10049_luckylola/

Add text-align: left to: .ll_social_icons
.ll_social_icons {
    text-align: left;

Good Luck !