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Nice collection, Bookmarked !

Thanks, buddy! ;)

Same here, i am sure i will be back for these..

Thanks for your interest, I’ve just answered the comment above :)

What is the difference between the CSS and the jQuery version?

I checked in FF and they look the same. Is there a reason I would want to use the jQuery version instead of the CSS version?

Does the jQuery version function better across different browsers than the CSS version?

Love the all including bundle.

jQuery version has some animations on all the buttons (slide down and fading effects). It is also more flexible (using the css-only version, with buttons of very different widths some changes in CSS file are needed, in jQuery version not). Both version are cross-browser compatibile.


Not compatible with IE8 . Several errors JS/CSS. :(


Hi Mick, can you give some more details? I was testing it on Adobe BrowserLab and everything worked fine.


Hi! Very nice buttons you have there, I like it! I am a novice in coding so i have to ask you: Where to put and how to put the reference code from a page, a link? For example, this code(using javascript/jquery code): <button type=”button” class=”yellow”> Button Button </button> What code should i put there and where so, when I click on the button to take action and link me to a page or something?

Also having a conflict beetwen my other CSS elements on my html page(tooltip, buttons) and your Javascript buttons or css3 version. Everytime I put the code in the “head” of my page, my css3 elements dosn`t work anymore as should be and yours work fine. Thank you and take care!

You can use the same styles for anchor elements (<a href=”” >...</a>) as well as for buttons. I’ll be glad to help you in any way if you want, just send me an e-mail :) Conflict between CSS files is always possible, I can’t predict what CSS classes and ids are used by everybody all over the world ;) The solution should be as easy as renaming repeated classes to something more specific.

Hola, pones que vale 4$ y al intentar pagar por paypal te cobran 6$, no se si es error o al pagar por paypal cobras la comision.


It cost $4 if you pay with prepaid deposits and 6$ for normal purchase. Btw website interface and piercing is a business of Envato, not the authors ;)

I don’t get it, I can’t add a herf into the “button” text without markup errors, or any other obvious way, it’s not been created with herf’s in mind – so it’s not usable off the shelf for basic implementation …. lucky it’s only $4 coz I really can’t be bothered to work a way around this. Am I really the only one who wants a button for a link?

You can use the same styles for anchor ( a ) elements as button elements, so it shouldn’t be any problem.

Can I add any icons or make button groups?

It’s quite easy to make with a few CSS changes, but not included in the pack.

Support image in the button?

One acquisition on CodeCanyon that I don’t regret! Great package, thank you.

Beautiful work GLWS :)