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Hello, if i buy this app how easy is it to customize it?

and changing the language, so > sunny < to own language is that possible?

yes its easy you need to add string replacer for possible weather condition


get current location with the help of location manager of GPS ? Application is online or offline ?

i mean App will work if there is no internet connection ?

it must online, because when getting location included ecces weather api

thanks :)

Customize with eclipse?

yes this project eclipse base

hey, i bought it and when immporting i get 48 errors..

Description Resource Path Location Type AdRequest cannot be resolved to a type ActivityGallery.java /PROJECT_Weats/src/app/restuibu/weats/activity line 56 Java Problem

Description Resource Path Location Type HorizontalListView cannot be resolved to a type PhotoEditActivity.java /PROJECT_Weats/src/app/restuibu/weats/activity line 69 Java Problem

Description Resource Path Location Type InterstitialAd cannot be resolved to a type HomeActivity.java /PROJECT_Weats/src/app/restuibu/weats/activity line 83 Java Problem

Description Resource Path Location Type The import com.google.android.gms.ads cannot be resolved ActivityGallery.java /PROJECT_Weats/src/app/restuibu/weats/activity line 11 Java Problem

and alot more how to fix this?

nevermind, you should put the horizontallistview and google play services lib into your files also, and i got this error

>> case expressions must be constant expression <<

to fix that go in project to activity > detailactivity.java on line 96 or search for the word switch and change it to else if < that should fix it

Are your problem solved?

yes, thanks anyway

how to change the tutorial?

What you mean is the “help”? You can replace some image on drawable folder, and there are some text on string.xml

good work.thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing

hello, I’m interested in your app, but tested the .apk on my smartphone (Galaxy Note 2) in Brazil, and returned the message: “Cannot get location, please try again.” I tested the gps of my smartphone and is perfect. Do you have any idea what can be? Or has limit countries?

Hi, sorry for unconfortable thing, please try this API url using your browser :


Change latititue and latitude with yours, if this work Weats should work too.,


Yes, on browser is ok: http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?lat=-27.6&lon=-48.55&mode=json but why does not work in the application?

Sorry for late reply, If the url work, maybe your gps cannot get latitude and longitude value, please try using other phone.

It’s possible to have this app multilanguage?

Yes possible, but you need some effort

Thank :)

Can this be imported to android studio?

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

Thank Sir :)