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I’m concerned about whether this will be accepted in the app store since there are already so many weather app. Should I be concerned? Would you say that it’s very likely the app will be accepted?

We are in no way associated with Apple and can not be responsible for their actions.

We can give a guarantee, unless their own will publish the application in your account developer

I said that I’m not looking for a guarantee. I’m asking if you know whether weather apps are commonly being accepted by Apple.

I know you are not associated with Apple. I know you cannot guarantee anything. I’m not looking for promises, guarantees or anything else like that.

we do not know how Apple reacts to this, I think this question should be to ask them to support


very “stliish” graphics and app, good work! Please ask a quaestion: si difficult to convert to “openweathermap.org/api”? They offer (as you probably know) 1.200 calls / min. Not bad for a “freelancer” app.

Good day! it needs to redo the whole parser in this application. Thanks

Hi, pre-sales question:

I see WhatsApp and Vk icons in your video demo.

Does that mean that a social share integration for WhatsApp and Vk is included?

Can you add a line of code to parse text (such as: to split text from say.. partlycloudy to partly cloudy? it looks bad with the former and I cannot get the above code to work correctly..

- (void) switch:(NSString *) param {
   switch([[cases objectForKey:param] intValue]) {
       case "Partly Cloudy":
            theImage = UIImage(named:"PartlyCloudy")

I think it could be added to this block of code: NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];

NSString *dateToday = [formatter stringFromDate:[NSDate date]];

Thank you for your fast reply…

NSString *todaysimage2 = [dataz valueForKey:@”weather”];

you have created multiple accounts support, completely wrapped him our ticket – this is not good. We will answer you in your first ticket. Thank you .

Try to remember from which account you wrote your first Ticket, go to the support and see our answers. do not create a lot of accounts, so you confused himself and us, and we have no idea where you are responsible. bu**iz@gmail.com – your mail , your first account

does this support 64 bit and iOS 9.x ?

Good night, all applications support the current version of the firmware and the development environment. Thanks

support ios 10?