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Can it be any size? Or is it fixed size? I would like to make it for example 1920×1080 pixels.

It’s fixed size, but on next version I’ll add it.

I have try but doesnt works.

you should click on “Share location” when page loaded, because script need to found your current location.

I clicked ‘allow once’ to share physical location and didn’t get any weather information..?

Checked it in Sept 2014, found my location.

Worked for me fine. How is GeoLocation implemented?

It’s exist on project documentation.

looking forward to a flexible version. wish to incorporate this in my home page. let’s me to ask;

how can i add this in the front page? is this like embed codes for it to work? can the image be changed? say add images on particular weather condition?



Is it possible to embed your script into a wp page ?


we are planing to integrate this script weather in our Next php project and our developers need to know few things before

1. is it possible to pass the values of the weather to php using JS ?
2. is it possible to pass specific parameters to the UI and i display the design depending on the values saved in database ?
3. do you allow using this script in our item we are planing to make and publish it here on codecanyon ?we know that we need to buy it in extended license and get ur permission before using it but we need to know these answers,

Thank You !


I want to buy this great script, but first of all I need to know one thing. There’s any way how to select only one city? Example: Anyone who click on my site, will see only my selected country? For example New York? ( And of course people can be outside that city and search weather only for this, so can I delete this plugin, which searchs people location)?

Has the “Responsive” feature been implemented yet? Thanks

wordpress not!

Hi, Can we use this one to display only 7 day forecast and can we customize to display only few things? like only temperature and image of clouds and sun?

and is this responsive? can we use with wordpress?

Hello. Can you please let us know when there will be an update, eg; with setting a specific size? Thanks.

There is a styles problem – screen

Also what is the point with days order ??: Today we are Thursday – it shows the weather for mon, sunday, sat, fri and thu

Script NOT working anymore

It asks for files that are even not present in disctibution 404 (Not Found) and some others

Script was working couple of weeks ago….

is developer gone? this had many possibilities :(

could it work fine with adobe muse projects ? note: muse adobe give ability to insert HTML code

This code is not working. How to get my money back?

new update now working

Your theme not working too!?

now working