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Pre-Sale questions:

1) I am from Germany and I need that plugin for a german website. You wrote in your plugin instructions, that your plugin is for us, canada and gb weather – I cant use it in Germany then?

2) If I can use it in Germany, is this plugin translated in german or can I translate it?


The plugin comes with .po file and you can translate it with some free plugin like Loco Translate

Ok, whats with question one?

You can use it in Germany

Hi, there’s any chance to open the widget in full screen? I’m thinking in buy this to use in a mobile app… and use as external link… but I don’t know if it is fully responsive (mobile and tablets)...

Hi, I don’t think this will work out.

hi i am getting the below warning for the widget Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/makronis/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simple-weather-2.2/simple-weather-widget.php on line 119

you can check my site the widget is in footer area


That’s not our plugin.


We are using the plugin on

We understand that the Chrome browser does not support the location recognition if the site is not a https, but we are having an issue with the mobile displays.

The weather widget is not asking for location nor auto identifies the location in the mobiles.

On the mobile devices, we are using the latest version of ios 10.2.1 and 10.3.1. Firefox is version 7.0 on iOS. Safari is updated by current version of iOS.

Can you please let us know if there is any issue with the plugin to work on the above mobile devices?

I can provide you Wordpress backend access if that helps. Thanks in advance.

As of iOS 10 Safari now requires https protocol for location sharing.

Hi ! Congrats for your plugin: simple and awesome ! I installed and everything related to this plugin is working like a charm but the visual composer stop to load on the backend editor. When I disable your plugin the VC start to appear normally. Can you help me ?

Hi ! Congrats for your plugin: simple and awesome ! I installed and everything related to this plugin is working like a charm but the visual composer stop to load on the backend editor. When I disable your plugin the VC start to appear normally. Can you help me ?


I don’t seem to have this problem on my local machine. Have you checked your browser console for javascript errors?
I have this problem only on mac (firefox and chrome). On PC the VC works normally.

That’s very odd… is it possible to provide me with wp-admin to take a look? You can PM to

Helllloooo there Stachethemes!

I hope you having a fantastic day. I really Love your weather app.


Okay, how do I get your wonderful app (I really like it, very flexible and flexible is always good :) ) to stay at the Default Location?

I followed your instructions and filled out the required fields for the shortcode … but it shows my city, Arcadia, CA, because I have to choose the “Detection Type”.

Here is screenshot for your reference:

I would like the default location be to Kona, Hawaii and that to be shown at all times, if possible … I had the City and State in the Default Location but didn’t work on the front end … because it shows detection … then I put in the zip code which you see in the screenshot but it only show the detection location.

Soooooooooooooooo, how do I set it up to have it show only the Default Location?

Thank you so much for your support, Christine :)


If you leave detection type to “No Detection” the location will stay static as defined in the “Default Location” field.

Thank you so much for your quick response. :)

can i change the height of this plugin?

No, sorry.


For a few weeks, no city is displayed in the widget, it is impossible to look for one … If I carry out a test, I get the following message:

HTTP/1.1 401 API key has been disabled.

What happened ?



The old API has been discontinued.

Re-download the plugin from Codecanyon and obtain new API key from

Thanks, it’s ok now !

do you support traditional chinese language?

You will have to translate it yourself with poedit or similar.


roie1 Purchased

Hi, just buy the plugin and fron some reason it simply not working for me. I am getting this error CURRENT LOCATION LOCATION NOT FOUND. TRY DIFFERENT LOCATION SEARCH NEW LOCATION Am I missing something?

Could you provide me with link to the front-end to check it out?

I’ll need ftp access to the plugin folder to debug it. You can PM to

Have you tried going to Dashboard -> Weather Widget One -> Debug -> “Test Connection” button? Perhaps the problem will show there.

Can i have real time on widget also? I saw there is display date. But no current time
Can i hide powered by…website also

I guess we could update the plugin to add option to show the location current time but the “powered by…” is required by the Weather API Terms of Service

yes, really need time. i found some weather they can hide powered by it? is there anyway ? the background widget can auto change depends on day or night etc (setting background)... simliar astero weather plugin?

I am using the Newspaper theme, and this plugin is not compatible. It’s causing the theme panel to not function. Any ideas?

Is it possible to send me the theme to to test it out?

I am using Weather Widget One with the Avada theme, which uses Fusion Builder. I can’t show the weather widget because it breaks Fusion Builder.

Fusion Builder loads but library containers don’t work in the following scenario - try to insert a container or column - for container, try clicking on Library containers or Special - for column, try clicking on Library columns

Are you using the latest version of javascript libraries in your plugin?

Hi, are there any errors in your browser console when this happens?

Hi, after using “Weather Widget One” wordpress plugin. my site is not working properly.

“Visual Composer” save button is not working after install your plugin.

fix this ASAP

I am using the Newspaper8 theme, and this plugin is not compatible.

Is it possible to send me your theme to to test it out?

Hi, ANY UPDATE, i have sent to you all details 3 days ago,

Hello, Can this be done in HTML5/JS to work on my website? Can I pay to have this customization done?


gblag Purchased

Hi, I’ve added all the required back-end (geocode, api) credentials and I keep getting:


Please advise. The URL is Thanks, Greg

Hello, Is it compatible with Wordpress 4.9? Τhank you in advance!


Have you set default location in settings?


Thank you for the answer.

Yes, we ‘ve set the default location and it didn’t work. Would it be possible to give you access (in private email) in order to check the issue?

Thank you in advance,