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the plugin says location not found when arriving on the page with the shortcode on it, also if i do a search for any city it still gives me this issue

Can you advise please


Can you give me link to the site to check what is going on?


I am trying to set up the weather widget and completed the steps as outline but it will not work. When i go to debug the test connection goes to a 500 server error. Do you happen to know why?


Could you check your PHP error_log for further info what is causing the error?

I have installed and put in api key and geonames username and activated free services, however it is failing to load location? It will find the forecast after typing in the place i want weather for but i paid for this based on it being able to find forecast based on location. Any ideas? Thank you.

so effectively this plugin cant auto detect location then unless i pay another 60$ per year or so to get an ssl certificate from my hosting provider. Really should state that before people pay for this as that wasn’t highlighted. When do you think you will find a workaround?

Really can’t give you ETA right now. I recommend you not to purchase SSL because this will make things ever more complicated.

I’ve implemented solution for Weather Widget 2, I will see if I can add it to this one as well.

Could you contact me at I will send you modified version to test it out?

Tried implementing this plugin to show just the current weather conditions for the location of our website but have had the failed location problems others have reported. We have filled in all the relevant information but no joy

Could you provide me with link to check it out?

The website is One of my colleagues may have sent you an email about this also so apologies if there’s any crossover

Check if your Geonames username is enabled.

Go to

Replace USERNAME with your username

If it’s not go to and look for the text:

“the account is not yet enabled to use the free web services. Click here to enable. “

Clear the widget cache (from the Debug menu) afterwards.

Is it possible for certain elements to be hidden on the widget? Specifically the ability of users to search and customise their weather settings on our website?

It’s done. Send me e-mail to

Thanks. I’ve asked one of our representatives to email you on my behalf

Good day! i implemented your plugin again, but im getting icon styling issues! can you please provide contact info so i can send URL.


i found the issue and the issue was .icon-cloud:before { content: “?”; } I set display:none!important; and that fixed it.


This is not really a solution. This may cause unexpected problems with font-awesome. Also other icons may have similar issue that’s not obvious at the moment.

Yes i figured that, but there is really no such icon-cloud:before that i would be interesting having the theme .css call.. i honestly replaced all fontawesome with svg files :) so if i run into other issue or i notice any other glitches ill re-look into it. but just replacing the fontawesome files didnt cut it.


My CSS is messed up:

Any way to fix?

Should be fixed now. There was js conflict coming from the chart.js script.

You have some other unrelated javascript errors in the admin you should check them out.


My homepage is using a different theme from the rest of the site, so I’m still having CSS problems on other pages:

Updated the css


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did plugin accept locations from custom fields?

You’re welcome. Glad it worked out.


mehow80 Purchased

sorry, me again, this code will be also working for pages or only for posts? tnx.

Yes, pages and posts.


mehow80 Purchased

Hi, with file I need to edit to remove – menu icon, search icon and settings icon from widget area. I would like to keep only forecast for single city and no extra option to show for user. tnx.


Add this to your css:

.weather-widget-one .fa-wrench, 
.weather-widget-one .fa-search, 
.weather-widget-one .fa-bars { display:none !important; }

Dorcas_ Purchased

Hello! I bought the plugin and I’m installing on this site:


I’m not getting.

Can it be something related to my WordPress site being forcing SSL (HTTPS)?

The error that appears is:

“Did not find the location.”

I’m waiting.


Dorcas_ Purchased

username: dnsul

This account is not enabled.

Go to and below the forms you will see this text “the account is not yet enabled to use the free web services. Click here to enable.” Click on the “Click here to enable.” text link.

You can test it using this link:

Dorcas_ Purchased

ok, fixed. Tranks.


I have installed this plugin, however the weather icons do not display correctly.

My url is


Where can I see the widget displayed?

Could you send me a message to and I’ll send you a modified version of the plugin to give it a try?

hi , thank you for the plug, i want to translate using the helper.php i managed to change dates but i want to translate the location names as i did for the days like this “Monday” => __(“الاثنين”, “wwo”),


Try following:

Open file wp-content\plugins\weather-widget-one\class\helper.php

and on line 142 add:

        $url .= "&lang=ar";

Thank you very much for the great help

I can’t find a widget or plugin that returns a report that agrees with available information from Google search, The Weather Channel and other sources.

For example, Google reports a temperature of 24C and wind at 16kph while your live example reports 20C and 8kph.

Temperature and wind differences of such large amounts are intolerable. The temperatures reported by OpenWeatherMap are even further off. Is there no way to get results from these widgets that are in line with more mainstream sources?

Thanks for your reply, Raymond

What location gives this difference?

The only one I checked was Belton, TX, USA

I see. That’s because the widget shows the weather for Belton Missouri… I’ll check tomorrow what can be done. If you search by zip code 76513 it will show the correct Belton

Is it possible to make the next version have the 5 day forecast at the bottom like in the image? It looks great like that.


Good idea we’ll consider it if we plan to add more layouts.


anton123 Purchased

Hi there – your demo works great in picking up my location. The installed version on my test site doesn’t find it? I will email screenshots to explain.

Why does your demo show at the bottom and mine shows FORECAST.IO ? Maybe that’s why the location doesn’t detect?

Thanks for the urgent help


anton123 Purchased

Also, the plugin is slow to load (to display the results when first loading the page) – your demo loads quickly – any ideas why?


anton123 Purchased

Hi On my comment:

Here is your demo picking up Kloof automatically:

On my test site doesn’t pick up and if you search its not in the list?

Please advise urgently thanks


anton123 Purchased

Ok it seems to be back up. Please advise on why the icons are not showing as on the earlier screenshot:

Most likely css conflict. I’ll need link to the page to check it out.

Thanks – have emailed you the page link and logins earlier today. let me know if you didn’t get it.

for pre-sales question: my site use http only. is this will work for the html5 geolocation?

The demo is set to detect location through ip address.

so i can you ip address instead of geolocation to detect users location?

Yes, we’re using for that. If this site does not show your correct location then I’d suggest you to look for other widget. Also keep in mind the widget’s min width is 250px.