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Can I translate it to other language? Can I set only single city?

You can set single city yes. Currently the plugin supports english only. If you want to translate it you’ll have to edit the html text.

Nice work!

Can the link in the footer be changed?

I will paste you the answer from their ToS page:

Free Weather API Terms of Use

World Weather Online requires credit to be given by all our free weather API users.

If you wish to use our free weather API without giving us credit then you can update to our premium weather API. Our premium weather API users do not need to link back to us and there is no need to put our brand name anywhere.

cool, thank you

I installed the file and the api but get these two messages:

Warning: include(/wwos/view/display.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/13/11869713/html/search/google/wwos/assets/class/wwo.php on line 105

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/wwos/view/display.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5_4/lib/php’) in /home/content/13/11869713/html/search/google/wwos/assets/class/wwo.php on line 105

Try following:

Open file wwos/assets/class.wwo.php on line 105 replace



include(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../../view/display.php");

Hi Stachethemes,

nice, very nice. But i have a question for you.

What i’d like, is to use your script on my top header bar (40px height)

I’d like to disiplay the day and temperature and on mouse over, hold the temperature on the top bar and showing the same widget that you have.

I know it’s custumization, but i’d like to know if it’s possible.



If i buy would you help me to make it possible

It would be Nice to get an answer to my question

Sorry, I am a little preoccupied with developing new product and I don’t have time for side work.

automatic does not show where I found. N / A indicates. Helpp

yeah I tried but it did not. See the

Can you see threw the FTP information in your mail?

Hello, I have a problem clearing the cache. Thank you very much took care of it was …

For those of us who live in the United States, it is preferable for most of us to see the city, state (region=state for the U.S.) without the country while keeping the city, country without the region for searching in all other countries in the world. To do so:

Open file /wwos/assets/js/wwo.js and starting at line 416, replace the //Place location section with the following:

            // Place location
            if ( {
                var country  =[0].country[0].value;
                var region  =[0].region[0].value;
                var area     =[0].areaName[0].value;
                var location = (country == "United States Of America"||country == "United States of America") ? area + ", " + region : area + ", " + country;

                jQuery(glob.instance).find(".wwo-front-location p").text(location);
                jQuery(glob.instance).find(".wwo-search-content span").text(location);

That adds the var region (state for U.S.). The var location chooses either area + region or area + country depending on the country. The OR (||) function is needed because of the differences in the spelling of “United States of America”. After loading the widget, a lower case ‘o’ in ‘of’ appears in the country var. For searching, an uppercase ‘O’ is used in the ‘Of’ country var.

To include Canada to show the province instead of ‘Canada,’ simply change the var location to:

var location = (country == "United States Of America"||country == "United States of America"||country == "Canada") ? area + ", " + region : area + ", " + country;

This a nice widget. Maybe you want to optionally add this change for buyers particularly in the U.S.


Just discovered searching by US Zipcode returns the var country as “USA”. So, add that to the var location above:
var location = (country == "United States Of America"||country == "United States of America"||country == "USA"||country == "Canada") ? area + ", " + region : area + ", " + country;

PLEASE provide release notes with your update (list of functions newly added and which were changed, list of files affected). It’s basic info which customers need to use our product, but there is nothing online and nothing in the download either. As it stands now, the customer is left totally in the dark of what changed !


Thanks for adding the change log as requested ;) !

Hi, I bought your widget but I am having issues.

First i got this error, but I found solution in comments section:

Warning: include(/wwos/view/display.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/13/11869713/html/search/google/wwos/assets/class/wwo.php on line 105

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/wwos/view/display.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5_4/lib/php’) in /home/content/13/11869713/html/search/google/wwos/assets/class/wwo.php on line 105

Solution: include(”/wwos/view/display.php”); with

include(dirname(FILE) . ”/../../view/display.php”);

And now i get the widget to display but i just got N/A in it. Could you point me in right direction.


Could you provide me with link to check it out?

Also have you set a valid api key in the plugin settings (line 25 from example.php) ?

Check if the ajaxurl setting (line 27 from example.php) is pointing to a valid url.

Delete all files inside folder in wwos/ajax/cache if there are any and try again.

yes I have set api key on line 25, checked ajaxurl and deleted all files inside cache folder but its still not working.

demo is password protected and i cannot send you in public comments.

You can PM the password to support (at) stachethemes (dot) com

Hi, I just had both versions of Weather Widget One (Wordpress and standalone) open in tabs… I needed the Wordpress but I was distracted and purchased the standalone… would you consider a refund if I purchase the WP version ?

Thank you


You should contact Envato Support for refunds as we are technically unable to issue refunds.


Hello. After buying i will need some code change. What is you price for code change. I read that 3h weather forecast is on the mouse over. I will need see 3h forecast the main screen. Is it possible? Thank you for your response Anthony


Unfortunately we are preoccupied with finishing our newest product and really can’t spare time for side work. I’ll revisit the plugin and see if I can do something about the layout afterwards.


Hi, Thanks for the update to change the weather source. On the new version using, I think there is a little entry error in the file: ../assets/js/wwo.js that causes a daytime icon to appear at night on your local weather. The case for clear-night icon in the iconToiconHTML… section should read clear-night for the case, and the li class should be icon-moon.

Thanks and regards, Jerry

You are right. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi! Why the weather widget is giving me N/A?

Why the weather widget is giving me N/A?

You are using old version of the plugin. Re-download it from codecanyon and try again.

Since I had the same problem with not responding, I assume the server for the API must have been down yesterday since it works today.

0215cb55-f916-467e-ae44-b0d5b6554b42 – 5 Aug 2016 REGULAR LICENSE


I can’t seem to get your weather widget to work Have correct apikey and geonames Online here

Many thanks


Thanks for your quick response – but still the images do not appear and the path to the wwos folder is correct –

sorry to trouble you


The API key you are using is invalid. Double check you got it from

You can test you api key here:,-0.12574

replace MY-API-KEY with your key.

After you’ve fixed this problem delete everything inside the /ajax/cache folder

Great works fine – many thanks and have a great weekend – Howard

Hi, the tool is not SSL ready, can you please help?

Here is the location, where the script are needed: In the test region (will be deleted after your response) its working:

So its a problem with the SSL.

Thank you for your help and Best Regards, Marcus


Open file wwo\wwos\assets\class\wwo.php and on lines 24,25,27 replace http:// with https://

perfect, thanks

Hi Author,

I need weather widget for the location Costa Blanca Spain I just want to confirm is it in your Geo location?


Yes, it is. You can check it on the live demo.

I am checking here –,77.227/si12/en but the location Costa Blanca is not there. Also one more question your widget is showing the current location weather we need to show only Costa Blanca weather on our website it means if i open my website on another location it should show the Costa Blanca weather details. is this possible?

Costa Blanca is 200km coastline and I guess Dark Sky is showing the most relevant location there. You can try typing more specific location or decimal coordinates.

You can disable auto-detect location in the plugin settings and show only specific location.