Weather Widget One - Standalone

Weather Widget One - Standalone

Weather Widget One – Standalone is a plugin for displaying weather conditions and forecast for places across the world. This is PHP version of the Wordpress plugin “Weather Widget One”


  • Geocode auto-complete list for cities and countries
  • Responsive (* min-width 250 pixels)
  • Auto Detect user location through HTML5 Geolocation
  • Search location weather by US, UK, Canada Postalcode, Latitude/Longitude and city name
  • 5 Days forecast with 24h forecast foreach day
  • Displays temperature (F, C), wind (KPH, MPH, M/S), humidity ( % ) and rain chance ( % )
  • jQuery, AJAX, cURL, JSON, Cache


Setting up

  • Open file wwo/example.php and follow the 2 STEPs described in the file.

Change log

  • 18 May 2016

- Bug fix where widget was showing day icon during night
- Plugin will now search for nearby city/town when given Lng & Lat coordinates
- Chart.js updated to version 2.1.3
- Plugin inits on document ready instead of window load now.
- Removed scripts: Masonry, no longer needed, jQuery Easing, no longer needed

  • 30 April 2016

- Bug fixes where widget sometimes fail to return weather data.

Version 2.0

Weather API has been changed to since the old one became paid for new users.