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Awesome work. I love it! Good luck with sales :) I follow you!

Thanks a lot, Flyermarket!

There are no settings… where do i insert a map? Where do I tell the system to get the weather for certain arreas? No documentation. wtf?

Hi, please check the documentation folder, there is a document explaining how to set everything up. Let me know in case of any problems.

You mean “Start using it” is the explaining? Should I use something like the examples? Is there a config page?

Sorry I just saw the whole document. I ll give it a try .

hello, Firstly plugin work as expected. just i have 1 issue with the google map, it show’s my country splited but in the political google map it show it correctly so i would like to know how to change the current map to this one : https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zueRJl5MvTQI.kSK70w5_ydrI&hl=en_US


Hello, thanks for purchasing the plugin! The map you refer to is a custom map (everyone can create and share custom maps). Unfortunately Google maps API doesn’t support displaying custom underlying maps in widgets, so I can’t really help you. Hopefully you still can use the plugin with the default map. Thank you.

Oouch ! i will make some investigation to see if it s possible and will let you know

This is awesome! Exactly what I have been looking for, for the last two years. The only thing that could make it perfect would be to add rainfall. Great job!

Thanks for purchasing and I’m glad it’s helpful for you! Would be extremely great if you could rate this item with 5 starts.

Can you also explain please what you mean by adding rainfall? I’ll see if this is something, which can be implemented. Thank you

How can i disable the wom-condition text ? And how can i change language to french ?

In order to remove it you need to use custom markup with tags. Default one doesn’t allow you to customize it. This is explained in the document. If you’re still unsure can you please drop me an email (via contact form on the website), so I can give you an advise by email? Thank you.

Worked like charm thanks for the nice support

No problem, you’re welcome mate. Would really appreciate if you could rate this item with 5 stars. Thank you in advance.

Hi, great plugin – we´ve been looking for one like this for couple of weeks. We´ve just bought it, installed, put the code on our page and got only blank page without weather. What is wrong? Here is the link – http://www.canaria.expert/pocasi/

Hi, as a workaround please try to comment out or remove the line #131 in wp-content/plugins/wcp-openweather/classes/RPw.class.php. This should make both plugins work together. At least quick test proved them working.

This is the line: wp_enqueue_script( ‘rpw-gm’, ‘https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?libraries=places&v=3.20&language=' . $this->getPluginLang() );


Wonderful! It works. Thank you so much! :)

One more question – is it possible to turn off google map controls – zoom in & out, arrows, map type switch, streetview?

You’re welcome :) No, unfortunately it’s not possible to customize this now, but I’ll get that implemented in one of the future releases as it seems to be a reasonable feature. Thank you

hello. When i added the data-map-type the degrees bubbles stoped working u can see this here : http://goo.gl/gKcXZh Thanks

hee is my code : <div id="mapbig" class="wom-widget" data-ids="1532755,1539359,1537782,1542773,1466769,1540935,1535452,1538173,1538412,1539516,1535310,1466769,1466746,1540902,1542405,2346210" data-temp-unit="c" data-zoom="7" data-box-position="bottom" data-map-type="hybrid"> <div class="wom-weather-default-style"> <div class="wom-arrow-up" /> <div class="wom-weather-wrapper"> <div class="wom-icon" /> <div class="wom-temp">°</div> </div> </div> </div>

which data field name it s missing ?

Hi, I’ve sent you an email with correct widget markup. Thanks.

worked perfect. dont understand how it stoped working maybe becose the wordpress us formatting text or somthing anywa thank a lot

Hi there. Nice plugin! Few questions about it: I have the following code: div id=”map1” class=”wom-widget” data-ids=”380894,468056,468055,468796,468062,380844,468798,468053,468077,468073,468055,468078,468058,468068,468052” data-temp-unit=”c” data-zoom=”6”

1-Is there a workaround to change languages? 2-Notice there are some locations with long names, can I change the location for department , for example? 3-How can I control Map size? It is too wide and I needed it higher or size fixed. Thank you!

You are welcome! I hope you can spend a moment and rate this plugin with 5 stars. Thank you

Rated. Thank you

Thank you, Fernando!

Hi entrepreneur2000, I’m trying to extend the plugin adding few features but I’m having a hard time to get it through. I’d need some support in a few issues, how can we do that? I’d pay for your services. Thank you!

Hi, please contact me by email to discuss the details further. Thanks

Hello, is it possible to retrieve cities dynamically from an external feed?

Hello, no it’s not possible at the moment. You need to specify city when setting up the widget.

Hi, Thanks for a great plugin. I have one issue and one function idea.

Issue: When using data-zoom, some of the zoom levels shows a blank box without any map. 3, 8, 12, 13, 15 show the map but most of the other zoom levels just shows a blank box with the google logo but no map.

Idea/function request: Would be great if it was possible to add a link for each weather location. Make the weather box clickable to open a page.

Regards, Pitrus

Hi Pitrus, can you please send a link to a page where this issue can be reproduced?

Hi, sorry, I’m working on my local server at the moment. I Googled the issue and found this forum post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18509973/google-maps-api-showing-blank-map It describes the same issue. Maybe it can help to fix it.

Sorry, I can’t resolve the issue without being able to see and reproduce it. My guess is that there is some conflict with other JS scripts in your project, because zoom levels work just fine in a standalone installation. Try to disable all other JS scripts and see if the zoom works, then you can enable them one by one to see when it stops working.


I have a problem with you plugin.

The city don’t display on the map. Do you know why ?



Yes, I have replied to you couple of days ago, please check the email.

I have not received your email . Can you please resend me

Just forwarded the message again. Please check.

Hi, I just installed your plugin on the this website http://dev.superior.com.au/water-restoration/ but the weather box doesn’t show up. I have check all the plugins on the website I found out your plugin might have some conflicts with Ubermenu.

Could you please provide the solutions to fix weather plugin issues?

Thank you very much.

Hi, I’m not sure about the menu, but I can see that there is some other plugin, which also uses Google Maps API, so it’s called twice. Can you try turning it off?

Hi, the weather doesn’t display and when I look in the developer console, it says it’s missing the maps API key. I’ve got a key for this domain, but where do I put it, so that it’s picked up by Google via your plugin?



Hi, can you please send a link to your website, so we can check what the issue is? Google API key is not really required.

Hi, i buyed and installed your plugin but the weather data doesn’t appear in the map… i tried remove all other weather plugins that i had tried before and nothing… i put your code on the text widget to see and the map doesnt appear but here appear the box with weather data, without any information however … i used in the tests your code from the examples folder but just in case i will put the code that i will try to use:

Condition: Wind: Humidity: %

If you could answer soon enough would be great because im on my dead line here … tks

i sended you a massage … could you answer here too please?

Thanks, I will check and get back to you

Will this work for Google maps generated from geo-coordinates instead of city names?

is this responsive in all mobile devices?

The map containers are responsive, you can check the demo from a mobile device.

hi. right now set up and then just see map only.(no display weather) how can i modify cusom weather type?

Custom styles and design how?

also Weather forecast?


did you check the documentation? There are examples how to add various types of maps.

Hi can we change language into French ?

Sorry, I still can’t understand. What do you mean by the “map dimension”?

There is no map in the application.

don’t worry about dimension Just tell me how I can turn the map in French

Log in to the backend, go to settings page and change the language to French.