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Hi, Great widget! I’m having a problem when geoip weather is shown. My IP locations is “Banfield, Buenos aires Argentina”. When i set the same location on php file line 75

$wh = new WeatherHero('Banfield, Buenos Aires,ARGENTINA');
the result is different. In top-weather is wrong (Ej: -7º C) and bottom-weather is OK (Ej: 19º C). How can i solve this error? Thank’s in advance!

This error occurrs when i set “es” language

var $g_url_lang = 'es';
If i set “en” language is OK. Here you are my example link: http://www.lahoradelmate.com.ar/site1/weather/example.php

It’s definitely a problem with fahrenheit/celsius conversion. Leave it to fahrenheit, otherwise it will try to convert to celsius. I know doesn’t make sense, but basically:

fahrenheit = no conversion. celsius = conversion from fahrenheit to celsius

since the es locale is already in celsius no need to conversion. Then in the example.php file (or whatever file you may be using change this:

<?php echo strtoupper($wh?>unitofmeasure);?>

to this:


Hello, I purchased you widget and it was working correctly, however, today the images are not displaying. Can you tell me why? Your example/preview is not showing either, has something changed?

Google changed it’s API , I’m in the process of submitting the update just now. While it gets approved, in your example file change:

g_url.$v[‘icon’];?>” alt=”picture” /> to picture

Enjoy and thank you for your purchase.

Hello ! Is anyone there???

Hi, if you have emergencies you can contact me with email as I always reply in less than 5 hours. I check comments only twice a week.

can Not beat the product worth more then the developer is asking for .


Support near to zero…

As I always say, please, please write me an email for support, I don’t always look at comments on codecanyon, while I have the email constantly opened. In your case you already sent me an email and I’m looking at your issue, for the other customers: if you need immediate assistance just send me an email and I will reply as soon as possible (usually 24h).

Don’t work, Sorry, we don’t have weather data for your location…

It’s not my fault, some location are missing from the infodb database, but they are constantly updating the database. Where are you if I may ask?

stopped working… any clue?

Stopped working in what way? Can you be more precise, otherwise I’ll not be able to help you..

well it stopped pulling info, I already sent u a email from arcadhia hotmail showing u my code

You are the guy that insulted me for being lazy because I didn’t saw you email in time from your other (gmail) adress? Also why IF you are a customer it doesn’t show the purchased badge on your comment? MAY it be that you pirated my script and you are using an ancient version?

I’m sorry but I’m not gonna offer in depth assistance unless the system clearly shows that you purchased my script.

you saying?

Still have the same issue now? Two years has passed since our last conversation.

I purchased this product, Got my API Key and added the key and upload the whole thing just to see if the exampl.php is showing weather ..I also created .html file with the example.php code without changing a thing .. Not working .. here is what I got on the screen ..Need help

getInformations(); //This method get the forecast for the next 4 days. It comes back inside an array. If you want to see what kind of information comes back please activate the debug mode. $forecast = $wh->getForecast(); ?> Weather Forecast (geoip)

$v) {?>

Day: Temp: ° unitofmeasure);?> Sorry, we don’t have weather data for your location

getInformations(); //This method get the forecast for the current day $current = $wh->getCurrent(); ?> Current day weather (New York)

Temp: unitofmeasure];?>° unitofmeasure);?>

You can’t use Weather Hero in an html file, this is a script, so it must be interpreted as php, the output you see is because the server is interpreting the script as simple text. Change the extension to php and it will work.

Purchased your weather component and so far everything is ok except for one problem. I want to use my own weather icons and per your coding instructions I have put in the following line…
<img src="weather/icons/<?php echo $current['ci'];?>.png" alt="picture" /> 
I have verified the directory and the icons do not come up. What am I missing here?

Also…I see nowhere in your weather icon list to account for night-time conditions. Do you know anymore about this?


There seems to be a bug in the custom icons handling, I’ll send you a fix through email ASAP , then I’ll release a fix.

Sorry about this.

Still waiting to hear back from you. I sent you two emails. Have you fixed this error yet?

Upon further inspection it seems to work perfectly, I sent you an email.

Hi there DEV,

Just got your widget but i can’t make it work on my end :( Could please give me a hand?

I’m trying to put it as a sidebar widget inside http://www.anunciovalencia.com but there i get a server 500 error. Here’s your example not working also, on the same site use /weather.php

Regards, Michael

Sorry for the delay in answering you, can you please contact me directly to my email, it would be easier to work in that way.

Ok, fixed! my bad, was working perfectly, it was i who failed to see the debug info.

Thank you for your support dev, great and easy to install widget! I’m thinking to ad some animation (gif or swf !?)and maybe a more responsive design, will let you know how it goes.

Overall, well done!

The link provided doesn’t work anymore, please send me an email and I’ll help you.

work with portuguese, Brazil ? cities?

Yes it will.

Seems as though the weather data is no longer available. What has changed?

I’m taking a look now

World Weather Online has changed their structure and forced me to generate a new key. I have done this. They also changed their URL which I changed as well. I’m still not getting any results.

You are right, I just updated the script, in the process of uploading now. They changed part of the API. It will take a couple of days for the update to come through, send me an email so I can send you the update directly with an email.

Hi 0plus1, nice very nice.

5 stars


Mister, this is the last that i ask for your help.

You didn’t help me to install it after almost a week.

Now that i install it without your help, your script crash only because i change Fahrenheit (f) to Celsius©

I’m not impress at all, neither from your very poor support and your script.

So if don’t help me, at least i will stop to waste my time.

On second tought, you deserve one star not more.

Best Regards


Answered your email.

I would like to say, that i lost my cold for nothing, Oplus1 was busy but he took care of the business and he fix my problem, so he finally deserve a 5 stars.

Hi, is it possible to extract specific details from your script, like just the temperature? In my website I have a small space for the weather (homepage) but on each news article I can use up more space.

So for my homepage, i’d need the (number)°C and the Name of the place detected by the IP

Yes you can

Hello! Please help me! I bought the script today! Everything I configured the way it was described! The example file show me: statusCode: ERROR http://hellonight.bernardin.hu/example.php

Did you update your API key?

I am investigating the issue in case something change on the API side. Thanks for your patience.

Ok! Thanks

Hi, i was reading the comments and i found that somebody else had this issue as well, can you help me too? Im having the fatal error on line 105 in wh/php/wh.class.php on the page i put the weather widget. Thanks in advance.


edlm Purchased

Hello again,i want to display 3 different city weather conditions , could that be possible?