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Hi, where is the weather information coming from ?


The weather info is from through API. All the best.

Hello, I had a pre-sales question. Will the weather widget change depending on the users location? For example, if I’m in Florida and go to the site it will display my weather, but if another user is in Minnesota, it will display their weather?


No, this plugin does not have geolocation, you will have to choose a fixed location for the weather info, that will be displayed for all visitors. All the best.

Hello, I have just purchased your plugin.

How can I set a background image?



Because it is a Visual Composer element, you can set a background by clicking on the Edit this Row button and going in the Design Options tab, option Background. You can also set the background for the column, following the same steps. All the best.

can you send settings to replicate your demo please?



Please open a ticket here: let us know which style you want and we will send you a screenshot with the settings for the element. All the best.

thanks – done.

Building on a previous question, is it at all possible to somehow set the location to automatically update based on the visitor’s IP / Geo location?


No, the plugin does not have geolocation. You need to set a fixed location in the VC element. All the best.


How can I show only date for the current day on weather for VC? This like most common for weather widget rather than showing dates for all following days onweather forecast. First, it doesn’t look good and takes a lot of space if you are showing weather in text format horizontally. second, if you chose to show the 3 days forecast it end up with extra line below which looks ugly.


How do I correct the weather changing correct times? I noticed the weather showing yesterday date of 5th May, While it was at 8am in UK time on the 6th May. But the weather forecast was still showed 5th May instead of 6th May. I assumed the date should have changed at midnight.

The day should change according to your WordPress time. Please make sure your WP is set on the correct timezone. If your weather is not displayed according to the WP timezone, please open a ticket and we will take a look. All the best.

The WP is set correct on timezone. So I created a ticket

Pre-sale question, can I display a list of weather across several cities on one page (multiple locations)?


Yes, you can display the weather for different locations in one page, but you need to add a VC element for each location. All the best.

Pre-sale question. Are there differences between this plugin and the Weather – Simple WordPress Shortcode & Widget? If yes, what differences? I have a theme with Visual Composer.


There are no important differences in terms of what you can display and plugin settings. The only difference is that VC element allows an easier display customization, through the VC settings. All the best.

Hey Alex, Can i use a shortcode to show this widget anywhere in the theme? Regards, R


This plugin can only be used with the Visual Composer element. We have a shortcode version of this plugin: but with the shortcode you will be able to display only a simple horizontal display. Only the widget can display the more detailed, boxed weather info. You can take a look at the plugin’s demo to understand clearly how it works. All the best.

Any new updates coming soon for Wordpress’ newest update?


As far as we know, the plugin works fine on WP 4.6. We didn’t had any complaints about issues with the new WP version. All the best.


I have just bought weather plugin. I really like it! It’s so easy and clean, but I wonder how I can change the font which was used to describe days. The font is not supporting polish letters so I would like to change it to some arial font.

Can you help me?

Thank you, Jakub


The element should inherit font settings from the theme section where you’ve placed it, it does not have font settings. Please try to change the font through theme’s options. If you need our help, please open a ticket with a link to your platform and we will take a look. Thank you.

Hi, there! We noticed we don’t need this plugin. Might we ask you a refund? Thanks a lot. Best regards :-)


If you wish to ask for a refund, please use the Envato refund request form. All the best.

hi , i am trying to use the weather plugin but it does work , how do i fix? i put in co ordinates , the api key , the text shows but not the weather stats


I can see the weather info is displaying on your website right now. If you still have an issue with the plugin, please open a ticket on our support platform and we will investigate. Thank you.

hi, shortcode version seems to be updated more often… it means that vc version has less functions?


The updates for the shortcode and widget plugin were mostly related to fixing bugs. It is of course more versatile, as it requires different ways to integrate in various sections of the theme. While this Visual Composer add-on benefits from the VC options that allow an easy integration for the element. All the best.

Hello, I have a question. I thought I had bought the weather widget for visual composer, but it turns out I bought the simple weather widget instead. My mistake.. I know ;) Is there any way to chnge it for the visual composer version?

Thnx in advance

I don’t think they submit refunds for mistakes… and i wil lnot buy a new one.. sorry!!

I see by the way the plugin “view details”is linking to very old information on over 6 years.. and a one star rating!! maybe you should have a look at that!!!

Yes, the View Details button in the dashboard links to a plugin with the same name from WordPress repository. It is an auto correlation made with WP, we will try to override it, thank you for pointing it out. All the best.

Weather is not always showing… First time I put it in my web it displays well, but now is not showing anything! Why is happening this problem?


It could be a temporary issue, caused by an overuse of our default API key. To avoid this issue in the future and improve the performances of the plugin, you should use your own API Key from, by creating a free account. Please open a ticket if you need help with this or if you still encounter issues with your own API. All the best.

Now it works fine, I’m using now my own OpenWeatherMap API key. Thanks!!

I am unable to setup the forecast for upcoming days individually instead of all of them together. I would like to create a row with each day represented individually, not a repetitive list for 5 different columns. It seems like my only option is to display how many days at a time, and not a specific day by itself.


AlexPeter Author Team


We’ve sent a reply to your support ticket. All the best.