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are you going to be able to search for what place you want or is it just current location? and where is it getting the weather info from?

Hello !
This app is just for current location for now.
– I’m going to see if i can do animation !
Have a good day :)

ohh okay. thank you for your quick reply. once you can put any location i will defiantly buy. :)

:) Have a good day !

Would like to see multiple locations. If user can set alert for coming weathers like get an alert that is going to rain or snow in your city, not sure if this is possible just an Idea. 8-) Also ADmob or some similar. Thank you.

Hi !
- For alert it’s not possible.
- i’m going to see that for the ads !
Have a good day :)

Push Notification? current location based on GPS? or xcode parameter? iAD or AdMOB?

Hello !
– Cuurent location based on GPS
– iAD and AdMob soon !
Have a good day :)

Waiting for ADS and ill purchase. :)

I’m interesting about this too. Wait for iAd and AdMob then I buy it for sure.

Also very interested.

I would like to see a “Feels Like” temperature and have access to past days, so I can say things like “today is hotter than yesterday”

Hello !
sorry for now you can’t do that. And no update plan for now.
have a good day !

Hi, Doesn’t seem to work on Xcode 7.3.1 and iOS 9. In the console I can see that the app comes to a stop past line 78 NSLog(@”test”).

Here is the log: 2016-05-25 01:14:54.493 MonCoco-Weather[6990:598698] view did load 2016-05-25 01:14:54.498 MonCoco-Weather[6990:598698] test

Also the build throws a bunch of other errors.

Any help would be much appreciated.

After Setting ‘Allow Arbitrary Loads’ to Yes in App Transport Security Settings, it works now with some minor issues.

Hello Mojo89 !
– Thx for your return, we have change the Allow Arbitrary Loads on all our app expect this one, it’s our fault.
– Can you tell me ore about the “minor issues” ?
Have a good day ! :)