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very nice, fantastic work ! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales ;)

thanks mate

Interesting Work! Congratulations :)

thanks mate

Android version?

Soon!.. sorry

in-review by apple review TEAM

Good afternoon, translate in Spanish?

Great work :-) Good Luck

NOt working ….i have just downloaded and it seems that there are no simulators to support it and this is in objective C not swift ? Do you have swift version ?

Not working , same error again …..

It is working fine now , thanks

you welcome mate..

does it use google translate or bing translate? what is the backend translation service?

it uses both if you want! one of the best features is you can use both API’s! fill both the bing and google. it’ll work for ya!

why there’s a limited langs? and the translate box is short? and only 3 langs in speech !!

Hi there—thanks for reaching out

We provide refunds for customers who are not satisfied with our support—not the code, because we have word-class developers who can write clean code, as we previously mentioned, you must register your API key in order to use this, and the API is Free, they have free plans you can get

Thanks, Rawand

1-google doesn’t have free plans 2-bing have free but “too limited” and they asking for credit card.

Google (had) a free plan while we published this project—it’s not at our stakes to give a refund once politicians change


Would it be possible to use a custom language with ?

Only languages that are officially available on bing or google is possible to use—. If you have a custom language or a not-ready one, you’ll have to ask for help from locals and complete it, once it became available, it is possible

is support the latest xcode 9.2?

Yep, it works fine— if you even ran into a problem, we will be there for you