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Nice work.. good luck with selling.


good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

thanks alot

Good luck with selling! :)


how to install in wordpress

how to install in wordpress

Not Tested in wordpress.

Looks like it either has a bug, or someone exploited something in your script to allow an extremely large font. You should take a look at the chat demo. Scroll up, and you can see some massive text that is making the chat window long.

I’m interested in this, if you can fix problems like these.

Thanks For feedback .. Please check now. Code Updated.

Check now . no one can inject .

- People can flood the chat - the login button is still visible after user is logged in - no logout button - ...

Now updated no on can inject and in this auto logout system if user is inactive.

On refresh logout

can we add this on wordpress?

Very good. GLWS :)


Please respond to my emails.

I did you check your mail yesterday we are contacted you.

Your playing games, i am opening up dispute and getting refund back.

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please i buy this plugin but when i send message on chat or visitor send message i cant see what he send and he cant see what i send Sometimes it takes 25-30 minutes to i can see message i want to know where problem on my hosting or on plugin and if problem on hosting please talk me where problem because i call to my hosting to help me thank you very much

Hi please provide me the link where you installed. also you can join us with skype. for support. we will setup for you.

skype id : thanks

Need mysql or other db? Works with Nginx + PHP-FPM?

No need db . Its save in txt file. And if you want to save in db the using mysql. Not sure for nginx


Comment installer WchatRoom ?

copy, Impossible to connect ? can not create an account ?

Database connectivity not available . Just copy and paste the code where you want the chat room . data store in file json format.

nothing works, can not establish connection or create an account or connect guest. I have copied the files on my synology web station. cannot establish connection ?

I ‘ve purchase this but i think i had do a mistake, it’s impossible ton install it in a wordpress, because wp have his index.php , and in this package you have index.php too !!! can you refund me please ?