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hello can you do some changes on the script ?

What changes you want ?

sorry we are not provide any freelance work. for this you have to do yourself. Thanks.

Can we have rooms within it? Or just messages to users are allowed?

This is inbox messaging chat like facebook inbox message. Chatrooms not available

Hi. This chat is amazing. I like the concept. It’s rare to find a nice PHP chat like this one. Hope you’ll enhance it more and more with nice colors and features. for exemple : You can add private rooms, inline profile editing and much more.. Regards

Thanks for feedback we will consider on this.

Hi. I’d like to help you building a great and amazing chatrooms software. You can contact me and I’ll send you some nice ideas.

I want special development Add permissions admin bounce and mute and ban and log out live mic and turn mic What the price؟ what is the time

Sorry to say but we are not accepting freelance work.


gr8 Purchased

webcam? display ads?

Not integrated yet.


awwaikit Purchased

Hi i’ve email about some presales question, but no one is replying.


awwaikit Purchased

i did find some freelancer out there, but i always believe from original author. :-)

Sir please check you email.


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Hi, I have a website where I want to add Messaging functionality. The site was created in code igniter. I found your product zechat and wechat. Which product is suitable to be integrated in my site ?. I want the messaging interacted with my site user database and the login session acquired from my site login authentication.

Our developer has not knowledge about codeigniter . wchat will fit as per your requirement. You can can integrate will your db and session.


khairulu Purchased

Is there anyway to make the app loged in through my website instead of wechatlogin page

Copy wchat index.php code in your site inner page. And set your session user-id and session-username in includes/setting.php file.


khairulu Purchased

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You dont have to paste pirchase code in comment. Edit this comment. Remove purchase code. Purchase code key check for valid buyer.


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I also want to remove it but I don’t find the edit menu

No problem this cooment is auto hide by codecanyon team.


awwaikit Purchased

Hi May i know whether we can add “send voice” too?

its depend on you add where you want. your developer will do it . also for js function check inbox.js file. it will more help you.

login fb not support ssl

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can I add feature auto logout in android or iphone after close app?

Set the session cookie parameters before you start your session.

session_set_cookie_params(0); session_start();

Zero means “until the browser is closed”.

This solution would be my personal “best” way of doing it, because you can control it per PHP-script, instead of site-wide. Also, it is clear from the PHP code, instead of relying on server-dependent settings.


Got an error parseerror (network connection error)

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already send you the request…kindly accept it

Hi there.

Currently you have to search for users. Is there a way to display all users on the left rather than searching?


yes you can show all users in contact list.

open chat.php file and check commented code on line number 357 in function chatfrindList.

Hey there,

Im thinking of purchasing WCHAT but was curious, can we connect it to MailChimp – so when a message is sent, a MailChimp msg to user is sent?

And is there a blocking function available? (so that you can block other users)



Your required service not avalaible yet. Thanks

Hi, please is it only one to one chat? Or is there an option that allows multiple users to communicate together (groups)? So that I can invite users to join conversation and from that time my messages gets delivered to all of them…

You want a chatroom but wchat is inbox messaging app like facebook inbox.


Rikku2000 Purchased

Hello, i buy the Ajax Chat but it dont work, so even i write a message i got: Error: Network Connection error

my Config.php is right okey to my MySQL DB. The Facebook Login aso dont work so at Moment i disable it.

my page:

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