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Got an error parseerror (network connection error)

and i dont have skype so please explain here how to fix that problem.

Hi i already send you file please check . and click on download.

I answered, nothing works. The error ist solved but now i can´t find any contacts etc.

hi sir something wrong in your configuration . write your link . we check it.

know onle help west script lost money

Hello ,

I am very interested in your application.

- Are there any apps available to publish on a MarketPlace (Apple Store, Google Play)?

- Can you make some changes for us?

- Do you need a server or other? If yes an installation tutorial?

Thank you

Hi sir Wchat is not available with android and iphone app. This is not fit for web applications .

Hi. Do you support group chat?

Group chat module not integrated.

Hello i tried Wchat on my desktop and i made a account on my cellphone. I was not able to search on my phone for my desktop name. But when on desktop i can see my cellphone name. I try to leave a message however it said. My cellphone was offline and yet i was logged in so i know i was not offline. This is a error i tried to contact you in skype but no answer.

Solve in new update . working on new version

Hello ,

I have several questions (can you answer all (?)).

- I would like to create an instant messaging application.

1) Can the application be put on a web view to publish it on the apple store and google play?

2) Can you make changes for us (features + design) but also a web view (paid).

Thank you .

Cordially .

join us with mail.

Done. Go mail . Thank’s you !

Check replied mail Thanks

how to change title ? its showing – Wchat – Fully Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat

i already change my own title.. but its showing – Wchat – Fully Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat

open index.php and find on top title tag.

Is there an integration for adding friend with thier id or usernames or email? :)

Add friend module not integrated

I read that chat window if i’m correct it will show in or on frontend page only? But may be wrong… My question is can i have the chat box be added to a specific page and only to show in a section on that page to make it look like part of the site? Let me know Thanks

Yes you can add this chat in a specific page. You have to use wchat index.php page code . In your specific page.

Set css and js path.

Hello there bought your chat thing, quick question where is that file you talk about: Run the wchat directory.

Please let me know Thanks

Sir codecanyon not have real time comment system that’s why we are gives support with skype.

Well no wonder thats kinda sad, i apologize. I will send you a friend accept to your skype.. Please look for Free-_____ user.

Check your skype .

next update release date? how many day release next update?

Next update will release after 2 months.

This guy is from India, the support he provides is terrible including his english in his typing is pretty bad for helping others, He really did NOT want to help me and after the little help in asking questions ONLY then right after wanted to charge and not concentrate on the error issue..I requested a REFUND soon after he hit the money charging game real quick but then after he descided to also play the threaten game and told me he was gonna block me.. I still want an answer. HOW DO I GET MY REFUND ? YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PRODUCT KEY FROM THE useless PRODUCT.

hello… i just bought your software..

in install process when setting database variables like localhost, user etc…

i got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in .../public_html/install/index.php on line 111

please help

Hi please join us with skype and give us access details we will setup for you.

Skype id


I installed your script, everything seems OK. But when I created a user and logged in, i got a pop out error:

“Error: Network Connection error “

Please help

Hi sir please connect with skype . We will solve the issue

Thank you, that was quick support!! it is fine now, thank you.

I waited almost one year for you to fix the bugs and add necessary features. You should have no excuse by now.

GreatStuff mentioned (8 months ago):

“Hello bylancer, will you consider to make this application with for real-time chatting? Because using AJAX nowadays its like go to the past for 10 years… As for childish playing its okay but AJAX will not be able to handle even 500 users chatting at the same time in a Real-time… I’m not even talking about 1000 users… it will create a bottleneck right away for the server and you will have 504 Gateway Timeout error… But with nodejs/ you may have up to 1.000.000 users online and even VPS with 1Gb RAM will handle it… So if you will do your script will be awesome! It is not so hard to implement, you just specify users into array, subscribe them via sockets with their id and you good to go for their chatting… Otherwise it is just for kids to play… It is not suitable for production use.”

ByLancer replied (8 months ago)

“ok we will start with node.js in December. so it’s will be great if you help us to doing this.Thanks”

We’re 5 months overdue. How is that working out? Also, have you been able to add email notifications for offline users? This should have been a basic consideration

Thanks for your intrest in our script. Now its only available in ajax php .

Thanks for your suggestions.


samer0 Purchased

i wirte to you on your skype and you don’t reply,, i have problem with my script a lot of tool does not work even( states – setting – icon – profile sitteng – call – upload ) does not work !!

Hi sir developer will join you. Just wait for some time . You will be in queue.

Hi we didn’t get your skype request . please join us our skype id :